UPDATE 7/13/2020!

Morning, guys! How did your week go?
Mine was filled with trials and errors x_x

I told you that I made many sub-backgrounds with special effects, right? 
Well... I tried to animate the special effects. One succeed but one failed... it would've been good if I leave the failed one and move on, but I didn't. I tried many times, burnt a lot of time--and it still ended up as a failure =_=; 

Something tragic also happened to one of my backgrounds' .psd file.  There's this one time I cropped this background for a sneak peek and then I did a stupid thing: saved the file and quit photoshop. This is the only thing that's left of it:

Fortunately, I've saved the .jpg file. I can paint over it if I want to make a sub-background of it, but yeah, good bye my beautiful layers T_T

Because of the things I mentioned above, I wasn't able to do much programming, but hey! 14 pages are still something, right? 

...I really should stop overthinking matters and stop getting too immersed in one thing when I obviously have so much to do OTL

I managed to make 2 more sub-backgrounds (in place the failed animation) so not all things are bad! This is probably the most sub-backgrounds I've made for a chapter ^^;

Welp, I'll do my best to move on and do more programming next week!
I hope you guys had a better week than me!



Q&A session part 7! (No one submitted a question, so I'll treat myself to ask the bachelors some of mine~)

1.) Where do you like to go on vacation?

Kahlil: "Disneyland! I've always wanted to go there and try all the rides!"

Guntur: "Travel all over the world? Am I too greedy?" *chuckles* "If I have to choose just one, then... Thousand Islands. No, not the one in french. Ours. I've been there once and I think you'd love it as much as I do. It's very peaceful and the sea is very blue."

Arya: "Travel?" *scoff* "I'd rather stay at home and get some fucking sleep."

2.) Do you have anything to say to us? Anything is fine, opinion, advice, words of wisdom, etc...

Kahlil: "Work hard, play hard!"

Guntur: "Spend more time with your family before you regret it."

Arya: "Life is harsh. Deal with it and don't wait for something to change because it fucking won't. You need to fucking work for it. Oh, and everything needs money."

*Guntur and Kahlil nodded sagely at Arya's words of wisdom*

And... Cut!
I hope you enjoyed today's update -^.^-

If you have anything you'd like to ask the bachelors, feel free to comment below and I'll pick two of the most interesting questions! ^.^


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It's horrible when things don't work out and stubborness sneaks in! I'm sorry it didn't work out this time, but I'm sure there have been other times when the stubborness helped. I replayed the demo again today and I'm so excited to be able to eventually play the whole game! 


Thank you, Sia~ welp, we learn from our mistakes and I'm just glad I don't have to redraw the background 😂 next time, I'll keep this in mind so I won't repeat the same mistake! 

And d'aww thank you! QuQ I also can't wait to hear your thoughts once this game is completed. I'm really lucky and grateful to have patient supporters waiting for me and got my back--you guys are saints!

I am so sorry you lost some of your work there. I've done similar with a doodle I was doing and jsut. ;A;
A whole BG. *flails* Hope you're doing okay though. o3o
And agreed, Arya. Sleep > vacation. xD


HI, Seraiden! Long time no see~ and yeah, it sucks when you lost a file due to our own clumsiness QAQ I'm lucky to have saved the .jpg file or I would have to redraw it! 

Yes! Sleep is justice! X'D

I don't always reply, but I always read the updates.


I know, I called you out just because I missed you x'D
You're one of the few people who I remembered being there for me since the longest time!

I am always around, always~ owo Just more often as a lurker, and sorry for getting you to miss me. xD I went through a sort of stress induced anti-social withdrawn thing that I am still working my way out of as best I can.But either way! You rock and you got this! :D


Ah, I think I understand >< 
I find myself withdrawing from big crowds a lot. For me, socializing can be really tiring. I feel much better when people leave me alone these days--I also prefer to listen rather than joining a conversation *cough* agh! Now I realize that I'm becoming more of an introvert QuQ

And thank you! You too, whatever difficulties you're facing, I believe that you got what it takes to get it over with! You can do it! 

Hi SweetChiel :)

Where did the time go ?! Only now I realize that another week has passed and I have not responded to the last update. * sigh * So thank you for mentioning me. I am happy to help you at any time. :)

Now I feel a little guilty of having brought in the idea for the one background. Was it the one who failed?
Even if you say you shouldn't be so stuck on one thing. I think it's good that you hang on to create something (for us). This is also how you learn. I would not consider it a "waste of time", rather a detour.

I am so sorry that you lost the PSD file. I feel for you! Fortunately, you still have the JPG, better than nothing.

By the way: I like the soundtrack for winter. That sounds perfect. :)

Until next time. )

Hi, Yanonako! Yes, time pass really quickly, isn't it? X"D you're very welcome and I look forward to ask you more things in the future if I'm unsure again!

As for the failed background animation... Nah, you don't have to feel guilty. It's just me being stubborn 😂 but you're right, I should consider it as 'training'/time well spent learning. Failure is the base of success after all!

And I'm glad to hear you like the winter soundtrack!

Until next time indeed~ I hope to see you around~