Small Update (11/25/2017)

Hey guys, remember about the art competition I was so excited to join? My 4th character design/costume design competition?

Well, here's what happened:
- At 10.00 AM, 24th November, I told the fanpage admin about the deadline for My Art competition is today and to hurry post the 'qualified' artworks so we can start voting immediately. 
- Around 12.30 PM, they finally posted 9 pictures titled 'MY ART PARTICIPANTS' 

Guess what?
My artwork is not there! Which means their team think it's not qualified! 

I would gladly step back if the 'qualified' artwork they have chosen is a level or two level above me, but guess again?

The qualified artwork have Sketches in it!
Here's a sample of the qualified one:


And here's my art:

If this isn't blatant disrespect, I don't know what is -Even a granny can tell that sketch is 70%-80% similar with the fanart/reference! 

The team who decided which artworks qualifies definitely has charcoal as eyes. It makes me lose faith in my own country ^^; honestly, artists are treated poorly here and I think this is one of the examples!

I sent an email inquiring about the elimination progress, but they haven't reply to me until now. Even if I have some patience, I'm not a saint.

So, there goes another costume design/character design competition :'(
I've never saw something as ridiculous as this.

Thankfully, the progress of my script writing is not too affected -it's going well but I doubt it will get finished this week due to my horrendous mood.

*Sigh* Let's just hope I can at least finish the rough draft...

See you on Monday,


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