UPDATE 7/20/2020!

Morning, guys! How was your week?
Mine was filled with headache inducing events QuQ

16 pages programmed in!

We're entering the 'juicy parts' where something big happened and the main route is branching into two. Depending on whose route you're in, you'll get entirely different events from then on until you finish the winter arc.

But of course, the programming is not going as smoothly as I predicted it to be.

There's this awkward moment where the characters' conversations are going in an entirely different direction ^^; and by awkward, I mean... there's this event with fine balance between humor and serious feeling--but suddenly, it turned very serious.

The result is I had to completely revise 2 of Chapter 5's scenes and thank God that I managed to direct the conversations back to where they're supposed to be OTL

The silver lining is when I re-read the scenes, I think they turned for the better ;^.^)/

Other than above, here are some of the minor things I did:
- The usual polishing, including 1 of chapter 4's scenes
More expressions are programmed in for Guntur
- Collected 3 new sound effects and decided to reuse 1 BGM from Winged Ones for a certain event
(I can't find a new BGM for it, but if I find a fitting BGM, I will immediately change it)
- Preparing myself mentally to draw Arya's and Guntur's past-life memories o(-(
*sigh* if Kahlil needs 36 set of images, I wonder how much they'll need?

Last but not least... I found myself getting immersed playing Tales of Crestoria Q_Q it's a mobile game but the story is so good! I fell in love at the very first Chapter 1 and it made me remember that I haven't played Tales of Berseria! *internal screaming* 

I'm a big fan of Tales of Abyss and man, Tales of Berseria intrigued me very much... but no! I can't play it! I have duties to do and I won't fall into temptation! ><;

...But is it okay if I just watch the game walkthroughs? OTL 
Um, sorry that you have to listen to my dilemma--but don't worry! At the very least, I will make sure to fulfill the week's working quota! Q_Q

Here's hoping you had a great week!



No one submitted a question for the Q&A session again last week, so the bachelors are taking this chance to rest! x'D

Of course, If you have anything you'd like to ask them, feel free to comment below and I'll pick two of the most interesting questions! ^.^


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Hello, Chiel. Long time no see. Thanks for your hardwork (like always) and good luck preparing your heart ☺️ I'm preparing my heart too for something big and thinking about it makes me go ASDFGHJKLLL


Because you said the boys are resting, I want to know, what they do in this week of resting lol Yea that's my question XD

Hi, PangHerHeart! Long time no see indeed! I hope you're alright over there~
And lol, I'm glad that I'm not alone! Whenever I think about the amount of pictures I have to make, I got this mixed feeling between excitement and horrified lol. *I'm a lazy person by nature OTL

Welp, gotta do what we gotta do! Just do it little by little and we'll get there!

And your question is noted! x'D

Thank you for working so hard on this game and keeping us up to date as well :) *\(+O+)/* (cheers)

I LOVED Tales of Berseria, been thinking of replaying it actually :O and downloading Crestoria right now lol.

Question for the boys: What is your favorite food. :)

As always, you're welcome, SkyDragon3564 and thanks for hanging out! <3 
Yeeess, I'm watching the walkthrough now and OMG the story is so good! I've been playing Crestoria for a while now and gotta say I'm waiting for the main story update with bated breath x'D

Your question is noted~

Ooooh, haven't tried Tales of Crestoria yet O.O Berseria is soooo good/ dark; though my fave Tales game would have to be Xillia cuz Jude and Milla are freakin' adorable together <3 They have a breif cameo in Berseria too! You should check out Tales of Arise when you have time; it looks incredible and is coming out 2021. 

Haha, I probably need to take a page from your book and watch the game walkthroughs instead, the ultimate dilemma... Fun or work. Thanks for the update ^_^

Hi, castonovia44! 

You're welcome--and OMG! A new tales series? D: Thank you so much for telling me! I didn't know about that until you mentioned it! I'll definitely take a look at Tales of Xillia later~ I missed a lot of their games but I'm a big fan of Tales of Abyss, played Tales of Destiny(my second disc got an error on the and I never managed to complete it ><), and took a peek at Tales of Berseria (I'm afraid I'll get addicted playing it so I put it off for the longest time until now. I think I'll watch the walkthrough instead QuQ)