UPDATE 11/27/2017

Hi guys!

Last week is not pleasant with the thing happened with the art competition, but the good news is that I managed to finish Chapter 3 part 2!

Minus 300 words for the summaries, but other than that, everything else was good.

There's even an element of surprise when I wrote the battle scene @@ It's definitely better than the 1st battle scene, but I'm in dismay at the thought of one new sprite + 1 unplanned CG making an appearance over there... I also pity my proofreaders who have to read my animation descriptions to understand what is happening ><; seriously, there's a lot of fast-paced animation over here. Be it sprites animation or weapon attack animations.

I might change/rearrange this particular scene in the future though. No promises since it all depends in the programming whether the things I wrote/imagine will work or not work. But if it works, it will be one heck of a scene.

Anyways, this calls for a celebration! Month 3 is finished and I will start writing Month 4 events!

Month 4 is a bonding time for Maya and the bachelors <3 They're preparing to cross the river and at Month 5, they will arrive at Autumn village! YAY!

Here's a sneak peek I promised last week:

Remember the Bar you saw in Spring village's background? Well, this is it! The one above is the morning version, the night version is below. It's quite dark considering they only use fire lamps.

This is where Damaris, Hototo, and other characters will be available for questioning so make sure to visit it after you arrive in Spring village! 

Conclusion: It's still quite some way before Maya's group arrive at Autumn village, but the script writing should be less strenuous now. 

That's it for now & see you next week my darlings!


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I'm so excited about that! Battle scenes are actually my favorite things to write, I enjoy it so much! And I'm always thrilled about a great battle scene as a "spectator" too, to tell the truth haha

And also, I was very busy and in the end I didn't say it with your last log, but I'm so sorry about the art competition bullshit - I can't believe people can show so little respect and/or basic logic when doing their choices, it really sucks. At least I'm glad to hear you still managed to make good progress with the game!

Keep it up! I'm sure it'll be awesome!

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Looking forward for the whole game to be released! Keep up the good work and hope you have an easier time writing! I'm trying to become an author so I can understand your struggle.