UPDATE 7/27/2020!

Hey, guys! How did your week go?
I would be lying to say I didn't procrastinate one bit ^^; BUT! I once again prevailed!

- Programmed in 29 pages! 
Scrapped some scenes that didn't fit/compatible with the past scenes (credits to Kahlil and Guntur who had been pretty fussy since last week)
- I also made 3 new simple chibi animations! I didn't plan for this to happen but they're really good for time pacing in the story ^.^)/ It's safe to say you'll be treated with cute chibi animations for every season except for Spring~ 
- I also did the usual polishing~

Not bad, huh?
For my patrons on Patreon, look out because I'm going to throw one of the winter chibi animations again in your way! x'D

For the rest of my lovely supporters, here's a little something that I found in my USB~

I don't think I've shown this to you, right? o.o
Back then, I was planning to do an animated opening but... I found out about my pitiful stamina and gave up after one scene. I didn't even have enough energy to color it so there you go (=u=;)

And here's another picture to brighten your day!

Welp, that's it for now and see you guys next week!



Q&A session part 8!

1. What is your favorite food?-- by: SkyDragon3564

Kahlil: "Oh! Um! Ice cream, hot chocolate, pop rocks candy, lollipops, and don't forget about honey! Marshmallows and oh! oh! Cotton candy! And, and--"

*Cue Kahlil's endless list of sweets. Basically, he loves anything that's sweet ^^;*

Guntur: "Have you tried King Oyster Mushrooms? They're really good!"

Arya: "Meat."

Kahlil: "What a surprise! Guntur, I thought would love meat the most?"

Guntur: "There was a time where I can't eat meat for a period of time so vegetables are my best friends now."

Kahlil: "Oh... that explains why you're keep trying to make me eat them."

2.  You said the boys are resting, I want to know, what they do in this week of resting-- by: PangHerHeart (A smart question. There were no questions asked last week, remember? And I said the boys are taking this chance to rest x'D)

Arya: "Sleep."

Guntur: "Working out and watching the latest MasterChef season. I've been following the US channel and lately, Canada."

Kahlil: "I stayed at home and watched TV with Guntur. When it's my turn, I forced him to watch the cartoon channel with me lol. I also ate a lot of sweets."

Kahlil: "Last but not least... I've been watching over my author when she's programming! She sometimes writes nonsense so I need to look after her lest she did Arya or Guntur wrong!"

Me: "......That, you did, my dear. That, you did..."


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Hi SweetChiel I love your dedication to this project. You always make such awesome games. They look wonderful and the stories make me unable to put them down.  I see you are slowly getting closer to the end yay!! When do you think the beta testing will begin?  I would love a chance to get my hands on your newest game :)

Hi, sunkissie!
Thank you for your support--and d'aww you flatter me >///< I still have a long way to go as an author (I tend to get overexcited and Bermuda became much longer than I planned TvT I really ought to learn how to make short stories!)

As for the beta testing... hmm... good question! Say, should I begin the beta testing once I finish programming the main bachelor routes? (3 routes) Or after I finished all 4 routes? (+1 final antagonist route?) 

I feel bad that I made you guys wait for so long, but if I do the first one, you might have to re-read the main routes again because the antagonist route requires you to get all 3 Happy Ends and 3 Sad Ends first ^^; I don't know which one you might prefer... 

Um, on second thought! I'll post this question tomorrow so I can see yours + the others' preferences! Thank you for bringing this up, sunkissie!

Hi SweetChiel! How are you? Hopefully good. :)

Thanks for your update and all the work. ;)
The animation looks really wonderful. It's a shame that you didn't finish it at the time. That would have been great. :)
Oh .. and your chibi's are always absolutely cute.

I'm sorry, I'm not really in the mood to write today. It is far too hot for me at the moment and would like to be in winter now. -.-

Take care of yourself.
Until next time. :)

Hi, Yanonako! Thanks for dropping by and I can relate with you x_x 

It's hot, looking at winter arc makes me hotter and I don't really wanna move much o(-( feels like I can eat a bucket of ice cream lol but I think I'll regret it once the stomacache comes in.

I'm glad to hear you like the chibis tho! >\\\<

You too, take care and rest plenty! *hugs