UPDATE 8/4/2020!

Morning guys~ How did your week go?
Mine was so-so, just programming in front of my laptop as usual :'3
This post is late because I forgot to set up the post to 'public' OTL (thanks to Yanonako for the heads up!)

- Programmed in 33 pages!
- Revised some scenes--
we're entering the moment where we're going to see Guntur's past-life memory! I'm saving Arya's for last xD
- Deleted a few short scenes. Do you hear that? The wind of change is blowing~ *sigh* I feel complicated ^^; I mean, the change is good, but there goes my past effort of writing those scenes.
- More expressions are programmed in for Kahlil! I've also finished programming another of his romantic scenes--man, his route is sweeter than I thought x///x

By the way, it's August and my birthday is coming again... ah, I'm going to be asked that legendary question again ^^; everytime someone asked, 'When are you going to get married?', I always wanted to answer, 'I already have 9 kids,' lol (2 doggos + 3 boys from Winged Ones + 4 boys from Bermuda).

But of course I can't say that o(-(

On a lighter note, the weather isn't so hot anymore but everytime I want to go outside to give my doggos a bath, it always rained ><

That's it for now and I hope you guys had a great week!



Q&A session part 9! (No one submitted a question last week so here I go!)

1. When are you getting married? (Just once I want to ask this legendary question to my children lol)

Kahlil: "Whuh--what?!" *blush* "I-I think it's still too early for me to get married..."

Guntur: "One day in the future for sure."

Arya: "I'm already fucking married to my job."

Me: "E-eh? That's not really an answer, Arya..."

Arya: "I'm in front of my fucking laptop for almost 24/7, why else I spent so much time with it if I'm not fucking married to it?"

Me: "......" *sweats*

2.  What childish thing do you still enjoy?

Kahlil: "Watching cartoons, eating sweets, wearing whatever I want, and... many more~"

Guntur: "Going to an amusement park."

Me: "Hehe, I bet you're the type who likes roller coasters."

Guntur: "True. I used to really like them, but not anymore. I get motion sickness now thanks to someone who recklessly drove a car before with me as a passenger."

Kahlil: *innocently whistles*

Me: "What about you, Arya?"

Arya: "I still like to bully people like you, does that count?"

Everyone: "........."


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Since when going to an amusement park is a childish thing?! I think that amusement park is more amusing if we can remember and enjoy most of the ride, it's made for young adults like us, Gunturrrrrr!! Kahlil is as sweet boy as he is always be, but *smack Arya* this boy is so childish. Bullying other people?? Grow up, boy lol

Hehe :D Sorry for the late response, Chiel.

I remember your birthday date, Chiel, it's easy to remember lol I'll try to remember when it's on the D-Day tho (cuz I always forget someone's birthday).

I dunno, that's what Guntur thinks x'D
In any case, I still loved going to the amusement park--even when my legs would cramp the next day because I often got too excited and walking all over the place lol

Your reaction to Arya's answer is just... pfft--GOLD! *sounds of stifling laughter
Even I'm not sure what this child is thinking when he said that. Half joking, half serious maybe? But it's true that he could be really mean sometimes :'3

Don't worry about the late response! I also have that habit x-x

And thank you for remembering my birthday~ *touched*
It does kinda easy to remember, huh? I also easily forgets about about someone's birthday, so... I'm not one to say anything even if they forget x'D but it didn't stop me from hinting lol~

thank you for coming as always, PangHerHeart~


I have one thing to say to Arya.... "DAMMMMMMN Son." lol I can't wait to play his route. I have no idea who is my favorite, but for today its Arya. lol 

Keep up the amazing work and thank you for these awesome updates. *\('U')/*

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Rofl, SkyDragon3564 x'D 
Reading your "DAMMMMN Son." comment made my day lol!
You won't be disappointed and you're welcome as always!
*hugs* thanks for dropping by~