UPDATE 8/10/2020!

Hi, guys! How did your week go?
Mine was pretty terrifying because I almost missed the weekly programming quota ^^;

The reason being... I got too caught up reading webtoon comics OTL I read a lot last week, and I mean, A LOT.  I read 'Living as the Tyrant's Older Sister' which is hilarious, 'Let's Play' by Mongie which is pretty realistic but also make me laugh lots of times, 'The Emperor and the Female Knight'... etc, you know the drill @@ 

Once I got into something, it's hard to stop and after I was finished with one comic, I went to another, rinse and repeat o(-(

In any case, 20 pages are programmed in! I'm in the middle of programming Guntur's past-life memories. I'm also thinking whether I need to add 1 more CG each for Kahlil and Guntur before I get into Arya's parts ><

Um, on second thought, maybe not for Kahlil? He's got a lot already but Guntur definitely needs it in the process he got his memory back and all.

Welp, let's just go with the flow later @@

Oh, and, I hope you don't mind me taking a few days off next week! I don't think my family is planning a gathering to eat together so... yayyy~ no legendary question of 'when are you getting married?'! I'm planning to laze around in my bed + reading more comics/novels to celebrate ~(=u=)~

*forgive me and my reading addictions OTL* 
Here's a little something as compensation:

Now you know what Maya's winter outfit looks like x'D I wanted to post something for my patrons on Patreon as well, but I don't know what to post without giving too much spoiler right now ><; 

I think I'll post another picture after making Guntur's past-life memory set of images. Is that okay? ^.^;

That's all for today and see you guys next week!
Please excuse my reading addiction for now, it's a phase that will not last for long--think of it as a way for me to feed my writer's creativity and refreshing my mind~



Q&A session part 10! (No one submitted a question last week so brace yourself, my children! Here I come!)

1. Is there a time where you're addicted to something and grew out of it?

Kahlil: "Yup, when I was a teenager, I had a hobby of playing video games."

Kahlil: "There's this one time where my aunt told me to stop because it's already midnight and I always replied with, 'Just a bit more, until I reach the next save point', and I ended up staying awake the whole night lol. I got scolded like hell when she woke up and I was still playing."

Guntur: "Haha, for me, it was cooking."

Guntur: "When I first learned how to cook, I burnt so many things I lost count. But instead of giving up, I got frustrated, ate all my burnt dishes, and kept cooking while watching MasterChef until I got it exactly like the show described."

Guntur: "I still remember how I boasted to my fellow thugs then and how I continued to boast until they couldn't stand it... I feel embarassed now that I think about it."

Arya: "Nothing of the sort."

Me: "Really? There's no need to be shy~"

Arya: "...Fine. I used to love reading books to spend my free time. I could read hours to end without moving one inch but I can't anymore because I'm blind now."

Kahlil: "Oh, Arya..."

Arya: "Don't even start."

2. If you're a fruit, what will you be? *sudden random question*

Kahlil : "Strawberry!"

Guntur: "I don't know. Banana? They're the king of fruits, right?"

Arya: "Wrong, Durian is the king of fruits and that's me."

Everyone: "........." *nothing to say because Durian really suits Arya*


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I love reading webtoons!! You should try "Age Matters" when you get a chance. Its a cute romance comic.

Loving the winter outfit! So cute. (o3o)

Question: What is you favorite summer activity? Long drives, Swimming, beach vollyball, or maybe surfing? Things like that? 

Hi, SkyDragon3564!
Thank you for the recommendation! Aaaah, another cute one in my list >////< at this rate, I won't finish reading anytime soon QuQ

I'm glad to hear you like her winter outfit!

Your question is noted~

Coming in hot with more Arya heartbreaks I see :) And no worries, you deserve a good time to just sit down and chill. I love how you update us every week, gets me even more excited for the game lol. Have a good week beloved SweetChiel <

(1 edit)

Aww, thanks, AnubisDaRa! *hugs
I just feel bad because I'm slacking off--so thanks for being considerate! >///<
I'll try to get out of this phase ASAP!

You too, take care and have a great week! ~\(^o^)/

i like to read webtoon too lol <3

Lately I saw many korean manhwas featuring villainess and they're my favorites x'D