UPDATE 12/4/2017!

Hi guys!

Last week I was on a roll! x'D 

Aside from the usual polishing, I had 6.8k+ words progress! Wooooott!

Oh, I also decided to separate Month 4 into Chapter 3 part 3. Chapter 3 part 2 was already 175 pages long and I don't want to overwhelm my proofreaders ><

They're still in the middle of checking Chapter 3 part 1, but it should be finished soon so I should be able to re-check my grammars somewhere this week.

Month 4 was full of surprises! I'm very satisfied with the scenes I've just written -especially Kahlil's. I had planned something for him, but I got some enlightment last week, and... let's just say I polished some things and it resulted with his background could either shock or surprise you ><; No worries though, it won't affect the main story.

No sneak peek this week, but I will show you the riverbank background next week along with a $10 patron reward (raw .psd file) ~

Stay tuned, my darlings!


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Ah, Kahlil... You're making me excited with the news now!

It's funny how I wasn't really interested in Kahlil before the demo release, and after playing it the first time I ended up liking him ayway, but he was probably still my least favorite. But each time I replay the demo (what do you mean, I'm obsessed by the game? XD) I like him more and more haha! I can't really say if I like him as much as Guntur so far, but I dunno... maybe? It's like, the more I look at him and the more I look at how he acts, the more I seem to slighly "see" veeery tiny glimpses of what's underneath his facade. It's fascinating, truly.

At this point, I'm starting to think about the order I'll choose for playing the routes. I think Arya will be second anyway, but I'm kind of wondering if I should play Guntur's first and Kahlil's third, or the other way around. I always try to play my favorite route last ( or second to last if one route unlocks after the main ones, but isn't my favorite ), but since I don't know anymore who'd be my favorite between the two, it's difficult. Now, it may also be the antagonist, but I don't know him well enough to be able to tell, so far, so yeah...

Now I'm rambling... The point is, you're making me so happy  with the news posts!

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lol, thanks Konoi!

With how things are developing, even I'm not sure which route to play first x'D 
I'm so flattered to hear you like the demo so much until you re-play it over and over again >///< You just made my day with your comment!

Edit: Don't worry about rambling, I love your ramblings <3 I like to read how people think about my characters/art/story/ and so on and so on :'3 I'm also sorry for the late reply ><