UPDATE 8/24/2020!

Hey, guys! What's up?
Um, I'm sorry if you got bombarded by notifications from indiegogo last week ;_; I was trying to post Maya's chibi animation gif, but it kept disappearing. So I tried multiple times until it stays OTL

Also, thank you for the birthday greetings! -^.^)/
I had a great time and really enjoyed myself~ Now then, let's get to business!

- Programming is going well; I got another 25 pages done!
- Guntur's past-life memory scene is doing great. It just need a little bit more polishing.
- But what got me excited the most is that the juicy parts of Arya's route are coming~ <3
Of course, that includes Arya's past-life memory -^.^- 

Like Kahlil, Guntur and Arya will have opening titles:

As usual, I censored the key sentence to avoid spoilers x'D
Ah, if you remember Kahlil's opening title, you'll notice the animal face is not blurry anymore~ I think it's better to be straightforward about it so I fixed them all (Yes, I'm pretty nitpicky about small details like this ><;)

Hmm... I also tried to look for new Background Music for the flashbacks, but I had little luck last week. I'm afraid the readers will find them... monotone? But then again, maybe I'm just overthinking like usual x-x 

At any rate, I'll double check and see if there's anything I can do to polish the winter scenes later. Fortunately, I've saved some BGMs for Spring Arc! I prepared many epic music for the climax so look forward to it! xD

That's all for now and see you again next week!


P.S I'm still addicted to reading webtoons QuQ My latest obsession are 'Slave B' and 'Medical Return'. Aaaah, why are the good ones are not complete? I wish I can read them in one go and be done with it so I can spend more time programming OTL


Q&A session part 12! 

1. What are your honest thoughts about Chiel, as the author? -- by: PangHerHeart

Kahlil: "Thank you for breathing life to us and for re-writing some scenes according to my wishes!"

Me: "Ah, Kahlil you sweet child~" >///< *hugs & rubs his head*

Guntur: "If possible, please stop writing sad endings and make more happy endings!"

Me: "That's... a little difficult for me to do right now." Q_Q

Arya: "Hmph, she is still wet behind the ears. She has a long way to go if she really want to make visual novels or whatnot to make a living."

Me: "I know... thank you for reminding me, Arya." QuQ

Arya: "Hmph!"

2. Do you believe in anything paranormal? -- by: tekkonkinkreet

Guntur & Arya: "We didn't until we met the Goddess."

Kahlil : "As for me, well..."

Guntur: "He's scared of ghosts."

Kahlil: "I did not!"

Arya: "Yeah? Then why don't you watch a horror movie with me?"

Kahlil "How do you even watch it? You're blind!"

Arya: "...Heh."

Kahlil: "Guntur, Arya is bullying me!"

Guntur: "Pfft, sure, let's watch a horror movie."

Kahlil : "Guntur, you traitor!!"


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Your work ethic and commitment is truly something to be admired! I remember playing Nusantara's first game as one of my first visual novels and being so immersed, it was definitely one of the ones that kept me interested in the genre! Thank you for continuing your games!

A question for the boys :> If you could wield/master any type of weapon, what would it be? (I'm also into action/rpg games if you can't tell lmao -u-")

Hi, ro-ses! Thanks for dropping by!
I'm really flattered that you praised my work ethnic >///< 

At this point, I guess I can say that commitment is my strong point but I wish I can be faster QuQ 
I'm quite self-conscious that I'm not as fast as other gamedevs at delivering a game--I'm the type that goes back and forth many, many times in order to polish the game until I'm satisfied. And the result is it takes me a lot of time just to finish making one game OTL

That's why I really appreciate every support that I get. Really, thanks for hanging in there with me, guys! ;>_<)/

Your question is noted~

omg we have same taste! medical return is a total mood and i have the same reaction as you when i knew it still on going:''

anyway, thank u for keeping in touch with us! i love u❤️✨

(1 edit)

You're welcome and I love you too! QuQ Thank you for your everlasting support and patience <3

And lol, I feel you! I'm quite addicted to returning to the past/isekai webtoon/manga/manhwa... Medical Return is one example. There are also Solo Leveling and Moonlight Sculptor >_< those are for adventure genre. For romance genre I find myself loving the ones involving 'returning of the villainess' or revenge plot, especially korean ones. I think the plot/pacing are better than chinese ones---but of course, almost all of them are still ongoing QuQ


The only end one probably 'Light and Shadow' and 'Empress from Another World' both are amazing too but the on-going one totally captivated me T.T