UPDATE 8/31/2020!

Morning, guys!
Sorry for being late ><; I overslept!

I did quite a lot of polishing last week thanks to reading lots of webtoons OuO As you already know, grammar is not my strongest point, so I need to read more and learn more about how to make 'good'/better sentences to convey my story better! >:) Of course, my addiction sometimes doesn't help ^^; you know, that feeling when you want to learn something but ended up enjoying it and forgot to make notes? 


In any case! Here's what I did last week:

- Programmed in 19 pages! Oh, and, the image I uploaded last week is the wrong one @@ it should be '222/319 pages', '197/319 pages' is the same as two weeks ago, anyone noticed this? x'D Except for Indiegogo, I already fixed the other posts!

- Because there's a branching in the winter arc, Arya's route gets 2 separate chibi animations. One is not that different from Kahlil's & Guntur's route, but the other one is dedicated to Arya. The chibi is based off one of his CGs ^.^)/

You might think I'm biased, but Arya's route have less CGs than Guntur and Kahlil so the chibi is how I try to compensate u.u; I know, I'm trying to make it fair but Arya is not making this easy!

Because it's been a while and it's too cute not to share, I'll post Arya's Chibi Animation for my Patrons on Patreon! -^.^- Be warned that it's a spoiler!

That's it for now and see you again next week!


P.S. It's not much, but here's a little something to brighten your Monday!
Those who added me on facebook probably have already seen this though x'D

'Mother Juno' rofl! I swear, this pup lets us do whatever we want with him x'D
For those who is wondering, that's my mom on the background lol, she also enjoys playing with the pups~


Q&A session part 13!

1. If you could wield/master any type of weapon, what would it be? -- by: ro-ses

Guntur: "I always rely on my two fists."

Kahlil: "Hmm... that's a hard question because instead of fighting, I prefer to run away? But if I have to choose, I'll pick ranged-weapons. Archer is good--oh wait! Can I become a Wizard??"

*Kahlil suddenly became very excited and ran off to find his own wand (?)*

Arya: "A gun with unlimited amount of bullets would be fucking great. No need to dirty my claws or teeth with blood... Goddammit, author!"

Me: *runs away*

2. Do you consider a cucumber a fruit or a vegetable? Because on one hand, they don't grow from underground and they have seeds, but on the other hand they're green and they're not as sweet as a typical fruit. by--: crystalcm

Kahlil: "Isn't it a vegetable? Tomato is also a vegetable, right? ...Wait, is this a trick question?"

Guntur: "I always thought of them as vegetables. Fruits are supposed to be sweet, aren't they?"

Arya: "...The right answer should be fruits. Because they grow from flowers and  contain seeds."

Guntur & Kahlil: "No way!"


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Hi! I’ve been a quiet supporter for a while now and I’m super excited for this game. You’re doing great work! Just don’t overwork yourself :). Anyways, I have a question for the boys: what about the opposite gender confuses you the most?

Hi, LainyBug!
Thanks for dropping by and your support! Hehe, I know there are supporters hiding in the shadows/behind the bushes--and I'm so happy to meet one of them! ^///^
You too, please take care and stay healthy~ two of my neighbors got the covid virus, but thankfully, they diagnosed early and now are fully recovered!

Your question is noted~

Hi! ^^ remember me? the girl who wrote the phrase " Black wings like...XD" yeah, it's me.

I tried the demo and when i'm in the mood i will traslate from my language  to english a written commentary i did XD

i will ask you one thing: psst... is there a route for "Dio" you know..."the crow man".....XD

He's my favourite character, i love him.

Don't work too much ^^


Hi, Thevaly! I remember you lol, that was a funny misunderstanding x"D

I'm glad to hear you tried the demo~ I see that quite a lot of people likes Dio O.O unfortunately, I didn't write a route for him >_<; the Antagonist route is someone else.

You too, take care and stay healthy! Thanks again for dropping by, Valy~ :"3



Hi SweetChiel :)

Thank you for the update! :)

Haha... who's getting addicted to webtoons here?! XD
If you can handle it, it is always helpful to look at other works to improve yourself. :)

I'm happy to see a little more from Arya. Sometimes it felt a little like you were leaving him behind.
I think the man makes everything difficult, especially for himself. It would be really nice if you could balance it out fairly with the CG's.

The end of the processing of the fifth chapter is slowly approaching.
What are your next steps after that? (I'm curious. ;))

Until next time. ;)

P.S. Thanks for the photo of your dog. Just cute! :)

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Hi, Yanonako! You're welcome!

I agree, Arya is not appearing in teasers as often as the other two ><
One reason for that is Guntur & Kahlil's routes developed more easily and much earlier than Arya's. 
In the beginning arcs, Arya is pretty hard to get close with--but I think you'll enjoy the moments where he shines, especially the snarky ones lol *hint*hint 

The other reason is... because I see lots of people favoring Arya, I hide him away because I tend to save the best for last! x'D

Rest assured though! With fairness in mind, I'll double--triple check after I finished programming Bermuda and see what I else I can do so each route shines at the right moments! >:)

Well... after I finish programming chapter 5, I'm going to make the CGs + sets of images for Arya & Guntur's past-life memories! ><;
Oh Spring Arc... my climax arc... looks so close yet so far QuQ After that I still have the Antagonist route to do too, so... there you go! You know where we stand now!

Thanks again for dropping by, Yanonako~
Your comment always makes me smile ^///^


P.S. I'm glad to hear you like the photo!

O.o .... Ha ... now you are giving some hints!!! Stop making me more curious! o.O.

Well, I didn't expect anything from Arya other than that he would make it "very" difficult to get closer to him. Or that it goes slower than with Guntur and Kahlil. But the two are also much more open.

How interesting that I am probably not the only one who favors him! XD Ha .... maybe that's a little bit because you're holding him back ?! ;)

Thanks for the answer to my question. Yes, now I know, so still a lot of work for you. Thanks for your effort and weekly info. I still find this outstanding in contrast to other projects that I follow. :) I'm so happy when everything is ready. :) Oh ... and I'm happy that I'm not annoying you! ;)

No problem, Yanonako~ don't be shy/hesitant to ask me anything--I might be a bit slow at replying comments sometimes, but I try my best to reply every one of them!

Trust me, you're not annoying at all! I'm always happy when I read comments. I can feel your support and it can be very motivating ^.^

And yup, you're right. Guntur and Kahlil is a lot more open than Arya! That's why it's easier to talk about them u.u but hey! Arya's new CGs are coming soon and I think I'll finally get the chance to post a teaser or two x"D