UPDATE 9/7/2020!

Hey, guys! What's up? How was your week?
Mine was... pretty exciting, I guess? I started working out get fit and train my pitiful stamina, but man, the soreness is no joke QuQ

Bermuda's progress is going as usual though!

- 20 pages are programmed in!
- Intese polishing on Arya's events! 
I found a fatal mistake on Arya's route; the pacing is going a bit too fast in the Winter Arc so I had to go back to the Autumn Arc and wrote foreshadowings here and there. I also had to edit/re-write some small events, adding a little sweetness ;)

Arya's route in the Winter Arc still need a little more work, especially when it comes to timeline but nothing is too difficult! I'll work through this little by little! >:)

I also have a question for you:

When there's a blizzard, I'm thinking about giving a special effect to the CharacterSprites. I mean, going with A will look a bit strange, isn't it? Like, they're not affected by the weather.

So... which effect do you think looks more aesthetically pleasing? B or C? 
- For B, I'm going to lower the sprites opacity to 50%. I personally prefer this because it looks 'cleaner'? 
- For C, I'm going to put the sprites behind the blizzard effect.

This is not a major issue or anything, just a minor detail that keeps poking my mind :'3

That's it for now and I look forward to your opinions!



Q&A session part 14!
Because only 1 person submitted a question, Q&A session today will only feature 1 question~ (I forgot to prepare one ><;) 

1. What about the opposite gender confuses you the most? --by: LainyBug

Kahlil: "What's the difference between bikini and underwear? Don't they look the same?"

Guntur: "They often move in groups, going to the loo together, and believe it or not, a group of women can look more intimidating than a group of thugs."

Arya: "The fact that women can carry a life for nine months and push it out from a tiny hole--there's no fucking way I'll be able to do this." 


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I like C the most. B looks translucent, you can see what's behind the body - C looks cleaner and more natural.

I actually think you should try a different alternative: keep 100% opacity on the body and just put the blizzard in front of it. That'd make sense. Like, you can't see what's behind the body but it's still affected by the blizzard

Hi, Call me Val! Thank you for voting!

You're right o.o I forgot that if the sprite's opacity is 50% then you can see right through it, just like a ghost--which is not the effect we're looking for! Thank you so much for pointing this out ^\\\^

And yes, with C, the character sprite is at 100% opacity and put behind the blizzard effect layer!

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I’d use C, it’s the realistic choice, methinks. Or perhaps a mix of B and C.. if I had to choose only one, I’d use C.

Hi, Elenielwen!
Thanks for the vote~

I think you should use C if you're talking about a strong blizzard, as it makes the sprite look further away  (°∀°)b

OT, but I've been following the developement of this game for a while and can't wait for it to come out!! (ღ˘ω˘ღ)

Thank you for voting, Roxas! 

And yes, it's been a long time, eh? I hope you'll beat with me QuQ after Winter Arc, we still have Spring Arc to program. After that comes the Antagonist Route, so... Now you know where we stand 😅 your enthusiasm is appreciated tho! I'll do my best to constantly update and try to hurry up! ><

It's pretty tough to work on such a big project mainly by yourself. Hang in there!! (^ω^)

I like B the Most. But if you had a way to do both then i think a mix of B and C would be amazing. make the scene more dynamic and feel like your actually in a blizzard with wind and snow everywhere.

I asked summer activity before so how about: What is the boys favorite winter activities? Snowball fights? Snow angles? Making hot coco with a million tiny marshmallows?  

Hmm... I think I do have a way to use both. But instead of lowering the opacity of the character sprites, maybe I'll lower the opacity of the blizzard effect? X"D 

It's great to see so many opinions~

Your question is noted!

Ha ... Arya and sweetness?! How does this work? XD

To your question:
Oh ... you are right. That would look a little strange. Wonderful idea to add a special effect to the CharacterSprites.
Hm ... why don't you use both? B for the first part and C for the second or worsening part. If you don't want to do that, I'll tend to C. However, I'm not sure how well the right sprites work instead of the black figure. Could be too much after all.

Q&A session:
That was a great question and even better answers. XD * rofl *
Today I have a question for the three gentlemen! ;)
-> Have you ever made a decision that changed your entire life? If so, what was it?
And if the question came up before (I can't remember.), then here's another one: -> What’s one thing people would never know about you just by looking at you?

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Arya and sweetness works! Believe it! X"D

I do have a way to use both! Actually, I already am @@ (more detail below. It's a spoiler though)

If we're speaking about which one more realistic, it's C. While B is... Well, cleaner but more supernatural looking x"D 

Um, here's a spoiler :















You'll meet a mysterious character throughout the Arcs and they'll have a 'ghostly-feeling' to them. 

I believe it, but still "HOW"! XD

Hm ... now I'm brooding over the little scrap of spoiler. v_v

Yes, that's right C is more realistic and B is more supernatural looking. 
It looks like you have several options. Make the best of it! ;)

I think B or C on the effects.
Also agreed, both that exercise starting hurts like a mofo, but also with Kahlil. I mean I understand a bit, but I am too shy for bikinis by far. xD Nearly same amt exposed.

Lol I know! Nearly the same amount is exposed--if not more, because I've seen  someone wearing a 'bold/sexy' bikini 😂 

(2 edits) (+2)

Perhaps there could be some variation? Like - B for when it starts and builds up, then C when everything becomes more hazardous and the situation turns dire? That'd probably be too much work, though.

Instead of lowering the opacity of the character sprites, maybe I'll lower the opacity of the blizzard effect? O.O 

I have a 'whiteout' effect that I can use for when the situation turns for the worse~

Ah, so many options for this little detail~ thank you for the input tho!

I agree with you, I think B looks the best. Its the most natural and realistic. 

Hi, Heartland! Thanks for dropping by and giving me your opinion~

So far, B's and C's votes are pretty much on par with a few saying to use both x'D we'll see what happens at the end of the week~