UPDATE 12/11/2017!

Hi guys! 

Hope you're all doing well! Last week was so-so for me :S

I wrote a lot of scenes and believe it or not, it's 70% finished. However, there are some parts that needs more polishing and some scenes turned out bad so... I reckon I'm going to edit a lot this week x_x I've been sleepy a lot these days and my muse is slipping through my fingers like water. 

That's why I decided to take some days off this week to read Harry Potter Series. The movies are masterpieces and I adore them, but I haven't had the time to read the books so here I go! I'm sure J.K.Rowling would be another source of inspiration for me *u*

Next update might not contain much progress but I hope to finish chapter 3 part 3 at the end of December!

Anyways~ Here's this week's sneak peek!

This is the riverbank of Summer Forest. Maya and her group needs to cross it in order to get to Autumn Village. It's not a tame one mind you :'3 that's why the preparation took a month ~ *anotherreasonforbondingtime //hammer

*cough* anyways, you'll know when you play x'D

Uhh.. and before someone pointed it out, yes, I do notice how my perspective sense is not accurate x_x I'm still learning and hopes to get better with time!

Meanwhile, my $10 patrons today will get Mitra's Bonus Picture raw .psd file!

*Sigh* My boy is really handsome, isn't he? <3

But... There's a sad news... You see, Reksa's and Rama's .psd files are corrupted :'( and because I can't recover them, I won't be able to share them with you *sobs*

They were in my old laptop and I forgot to transfer them to my USB. When I remembered and tried to open them, there's a notice saying it can't be opened. 

...I'm really sad but there's nothing I can do. I guess this is retribution because I'm always clumsy and forgot things easily Q_Q

Welp, I hope this week will turn out better than last week!


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Aaah, Harry Potter - I have such a love-hate relationship with the franchise. I like the story, but loathe the ending, love most of the characters, but utterly hate Harry himself... So... it's kinda weird to me haha. Contrary to most people, the sixth Harry Potter is my favorite, and I like the movie a lot better than the book for various reasons. But the fifth book is SO MUCH BETTER than the movie - well, at least in my opinion! Anyway, I hope you'll like the books and that you'll find inspiration in them!

On a side note, now that I finally found a job, I'll be able to subcribe to your patreon starting next month, and I'm quite happy about it! Because of that, now is also a good time to ask you if you're actually doing commissions, since well, I'd love to ask for something once I get paid. 

So far, I'm liking the novel x'D 

The grammar is going to be a huge help for me and how Rowling describe things are very good! This is what I need lol, I need to widen my dictionary >.<; yup, a lot of people have lots of different opinion about the books vs the movies -my friend likes the books more though saying there's a lot of other things not mentioned in the movies? Oh well, gotta read and see xD

and congratulations for getting a job! I'm very flattered to hear you still remember me & decided to support >///< 
next month I should still be writing but I'm still accepting limited commissions~
>>> more info : https://sweetchiel.deviantart.com/journal/Commission-info-635898382

I'm available on Facebook if you want to chat too :3
>>> https://www.facebook.com/cecilia.s.susanto

Oh, thanks! I'll add you on facebook when I get back home then!

And I'm happy about the commishes! I'll check that in due time!