UPDATE 9/14/2020!

Morning guys! What's up?
I got some hurdles to overcome last week.

Hmm, let's start with how far the programming is progressing:

Technically, I'd say we've progressed through 16 pages, but it's more complicated than that ><

Arya didn't like the way I wrote some of his scenes so I had to clear my head before making the decision to scrap them and make them again from scratch (Welp, more raw material to add into the artbook. I'd decided to follow Yanonako's suggestion so the scrapped scenes will be shown at the 'Misc' chapter of the artbook!).

I also made more changes: 
1.) The branching of the three bachelors are supposed to separate into 2 until the end of Winter Arc. BUT! Because of new circumstances, the routes will combine into one earlier than schedule and end at the same time.

Due to the many changes I made in Arya's route, 277/319 is not quite accurate.  The end of Winter Arc might be closer than we thought.

2.) The voting result for the blizzard effect last week is in! It was really exciting ^.^)/ 
At first, B and C are competing really close 4-4, but at the last few days, C ended up winning by a landslide! The result is C: 8 votes, B: 4 votes, and lastly, there are people who votes to use Both B and C: 4 votes.

^I've finished making changes for the blizzard effect!
There's also a strong reason to use C: Special thanks to Call me Val & K.H, who pointed out that B's effect has a 'ghostly' feel to it. I would've overlooked the fact that B looks translucent, you can see what's behind the body if not for you two! >_<;

Okay, that's it for now and see you again next week! -^.^-
Thank you so much for participating in the voting and let's continue to work hard!



Q&A session part 15! 1. What is the boys favorite winter activities? Snowball fights? Snow angles? Making hot coco with a million tiny marshmallows?  --by: SkyDragon3564

Kahlil: "Definitely snowball fights! It's really fun and exciting especially if we have many friends to play with!"

Arya: "And? Do you have friends to play with?"

Kahlil: "Of course I do! You, Guntur, Maya, her little sister..."

*Arya looks at Kahlil with pity and shakes his head*

Arya: "I still can't put my head around winter. I mean, what's so fucking exciting about it? It's fucking cold, plants die, and weak animals die while the stronger ones hybernate."

Kahlil: "That's because you don't have anyone to teach you the joys of winter! We can make snowmen! Play snowball fight! Christmas! PRESENTS! Are you excited yet?"

Arya: "...No."

Guntur: "Settle down. If you don't want to go outside, stay inside and eat. Hot food tastes more delicious in winter."

*Guntur puts down a pot of hot stew. Kahlil & Arya immediately sits down and eats*

2. What’s one thing people would never know about you just by looking at you? --by: Yanonako

Arya: "People seem to always forget that I'm fucking blind. You two and Maya are included."

Kahlil : "That's because you don't act like a blind person. You're capable of taking care of yourself and you move like you own the street."

Arya: "Hmph."

Kahlil: "For me... sometimes people thought I'm a girl. Especially when I'm younger."

Guntur: "Pfft, well, your sense of fashion is quite extraordinary. I remember you used to like pink--"

Kahlil: "--I know! That's where the misunderstanding comes from!"

Guntur : "For me, people were always surprised when they learned I can cook."


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Well, right now I don't know whether to be happy or pity you for the renewed makeover! But thank you for your hard work and for following my suggestion and packing the "remaining" scenes (raw material) into the artbook! :)

Why does this GUY have to take everything literally!?
Arya, admit it you just don't want to share your secrets!

See you next week! :)

I know! Arya is being difficult and it shows a lot these days QuQ

There's no need to thank me tho, I'm just doing what I think is best for us and for the novel >< Actually, I have to thank you for being so patient with me! I really think I'm lucky to have you guys have my back & for supporting me despite the slow progress OTL

Thanks for coming again and see you next week~