UPDATE 9/21/2020!

Hey, guys! What's up?  
Sorry for being late! I got one hell of a week, I hope yours was not as busy as mine ><

- 29 pages programmed in~
After some hardcore editing, the scenes are finally getting together! We're now only 2 scenes away from finishing Winter Arc! *happy dance*

I have a feeling I still could do better, so I'm gonna polish those scenes later ^.^
If things are going well, I'll start making CG sketches next week~

- I also tied some loose ends with Arya's expressions:

I'm sure you guys are as excited as me when it comes to Arya taking off his mask >///<

Okay, that's it for now and see you again next week!
Thanks for reading and for bearing with me as I deal with the mess called Winter Arc!
Also, stay safe! My neighborhood has been in trouble lately because of covid x_x



*No Q&A session this week because no one submitted and I'm feeling a little tired ><*


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You're making so much progress!! I feel bad that I haven't been commenting as much since I've been busy with college. I'm still here to support you though! Your loyal fans appreciate your hard work :)

Hi, soph_8698! Thanks for dropping by! ^.^-

I wish I can be faster for you though Q_Q good luck with college! Are you studying from home? It must've been hard with the pandemic around >< 

I really appreciate that you still take the time to write to me despite your busy schedule :'3 

You give me strength so here! Take mine! *Sends virtual energy~ I hope it reaches you! ><



School is super busy, and I actually am in a dorm at my school. It's very lonely though since few people are on campus. Thank you for the strength!

I've been following your work since I discovered Legend of the Winged Ones (my favorite otome ever) when you released it on Lemmasoft, I can't wait for your new game, I love your work ! Keep doing your best, we'll wait for you ! 

Stay safe and healthy !

Hi, NukaKissKool! Sorry for the late reply, I had a bad case of cramps this week ><; 

I'm very happy and flattered to hear you've been following me since you discovered Winged Ones at lemmasoft! QuQ I'll do my best to reach your expectations!

Your support means a lot to me--especially your patience. Really, thank you *bows m(_ _)m

You too, take care! Drink lots and don't forget to have plenty of rest!



And we're getting closer to the end. * Joy dance with you * :)
Oh ... a smiling and blushing Arya ?! That is something! : p ~~
Well ... I'm definitely excited. XD

Stay healthy too, SweetChiel!

Q&A, here are more questions from me:
-> What’s one thing that helps you decide you can trust someone?
-> If you had to describe your father, what would you tell me about him?

Sorry for the late reply! I had a bad case of cramps this week ^^; you know, the monthlies OTL

Thank you for dropping by! I'm glad to see you like the little sneak peek~ also, thank you for participating the Q & A question again x"D 

Stay safe & take care~




Arya's blushing. Blushing! ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)

How glad am I to have been able to witness this glorious moment.


rofl, wait until you see his face x'D