UPDATE 10/4/2020!

Hi, guys! SweetChiel here!
How was your week? Mine was pretty productive so I'm feeling great! ^.^)/

For one, I finished making 3 CG sketches for Arya! I'm quite satisfied with how they turned out... except 1 of them (the pose still looks a little awkward). I also considered to make 1 CG for Kahlil and Guntur each but nah, they already have a couple at autumn and winter is the time for Arya to shine! 

Here's a little sneak peek for you~
For my $5 patrons on Patreon, you'll be able to see the full preview! *spoiler warning tho*

I also started making Guntur's past-life memory set of images!
10 of them! Kahlil has 36 images so... we're 1/3 way there!

Let me tell you, drawing weasels are not easy ^^;
At first, I kept making mistakes and they always seem a bit too similar with foxes. Later, I took notice of their S body shape, stubby tail, and... slightly long-ish paw fingers? For ferret/weasel lovers out there, I'm sorry if I can't draw them as good as foxes/Kahlil's set of images! I did my best! Q_Q

For now, I'll set aside the CGs and focus on making Guntur's and Arya's past-life memory images ><
There's a lot to be done and it needs my undivided attention.

That's it for now and see you again next week!



Let's take a break from the Q&A session. I have fun facts to tell you:

1.) Did you know? Depending on the region and its climate, there are different kind of wolves with different shapes and sizes to boot!

Arya is based on Arctic Wolves, which usually have thicker fur than its other kins. Take note of its fluffy ears, neck, and body. You can easily insert a finger through its fur before actually touching its body.

How do I know this? 
Because... I have a husky, Kiara. I have no way to access/touch a real Arctic Wolf, so I used her as second reference.

...See the similarities? 

2.) Did you know? A wolf looks mellower/cuter from the front and looks 200% more beautiful/handsome from the side.

So don't be surprised later when you compare Arya's first encounter CG with the Winter CGs and finding him more handsome x'D  

P.S. Arctic Wolves have white fur. There's a reason why Arya has black fur. Find out why in the game!


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Well, you're very productive again. :) 13 pictures if I counted correctly. Doesn't your hand hurt? XD
Say, did you do this on purpose? To make the smallest of the three a big wolf and the largest a weasel? XD (I just realized that. XD)

Thanks for the "fun facts". :)
Wolves and huskies definitely have a resemblance. They are also one of the most beautiful dog breeds. (for me at least) :) By the way, Kiara is absolutely cute in the picture. ;)

Haha ... well I think he's handsome no matter from which side. ;)
Hm ... I guess the black fur has something to do with his "sin"?
So, will Arya get his white fur back in the end? You won't answer me that, will you ?! o.x

Hi, Yanonako!
You're right! 13 pictures--my hand is a little tired, but because Guntur's images were drawn in a simple, children's storybook style, it's not that tiring :'3

And lol! Glad you noticed it! x'D
Sometimes, big things comes in small packages~ But that doesn't mean a weasel has less impact than a wolf *winks 

D'aww thank you! I love her to bits and is spoiled rotten x'D
Thankfully, she's not as active/energetic as other huskies. She's a potato princess lol.
Juno, my mix pincher is another story though. If he's not sleeping, he would be running, bumping, and jumping--A couple of times, I wasn't careful enough and got headbutted by him. Jesus, it hurts Q_Q

Aaand, nope! I won't answer that! x'D

As usual, thanks for dropping by, Yanonako! *hugs



Hi! I just wanted to say that I appreciate your updates and all of the hard work you put into your games. I've been following this for a while and I'm always excited to see new artwork, achievements, progress, etc.. There's a lot going on right now so I know it's hard to both take care of yourself and stay motivated on other things. I just wanted to say that I appreciate you! Good luck and I can't wait for the final product. 


Hi and thank you holy_batman! 
I'm really grateful for your patience and support! QuQ I know how it feels to wait so this weekly update is the least I can do for you--I hope this provides some reassurance and that you can rest easy >< slowly but surely, we're getting there!

Thanks again for dropping by and I hope to see you around~