UPDATE 12/18/2017!

Hey guys! 

Last week was... intense x_x 
I got thrown between fast-reading Harry Potter series, lack of sleep, editing, and fixing scenes -and boy, it wasn't pleasant -but at least, it's a productive week!

- I wrote around 4k+ words, which concludes 1 medium scenes and 2 small scenes.
- Polished and fixed the scenes that were unsatisfying (they turned better than I thought and you get more CGs here!)
- Polished and edited chapter 3 part 1 and chapter 3 part 2. 

The polishing was all thanks to reading Harry Potter series, which widen my choices for verbs/adjectives/noun lol. I'm starting Book 4: Goblet of Fire now. I skimmed Book 3 since Prisoner of Azkaban is my least favourite movie, but I read enough to tell the differences.

On a more serious note, after reading Book 1 and Book 2, I learned a lot of things. I think the books are as good as the movies if not more descriptive. The movie director really did a good job, choosing which scene to show and enhance and even though some scenes are not used, the transitions are still very smooth and true to J.K.Rowling's essence.

I'm going to take my time reading Book 4 now. Goblet of Fire has always been my favourite and boy, I'm so glad I decided to read the novel x'D

Meanwhile, I still have 2 big scenes to write before I can advance to Chapter 4. It has affection-wise scenes so there are branches for me to write *sigh* I just hope I have enough time ><; I've been spending lots of time polishing lately.

That's it for now and see you next week at Christmas!
Hope you have a lovely holiday!


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Haha, that's funny - The Prisoner of Azkaban is actually one of my favorite HP books/movies, while the Goblet of Fire is one of my least favorites. I'm actually curious about what you'll think about the fifth one, since it's my second favorite book, but I really dislike the movie version, as they changed and/or deleted all of my favorite parts haha. 

By the way, how many chapters are you planning for Bermuda Triangle? I'm pretty sure you told it, but I can't remember - sorry!

x'D welp, we all have our preferences -but damn, the difference is sometimes mind-blowing! I've just finished Goblet of Fire and wow, it's much darker than I thought. They practically make the movie brighter and lessening the mystery parts. I'm going to start reading the next one now.

I'm planning to have 5 chapters for Bermuda with Chapter 5 being the longest, but I think it's going to be around 6 Chapters now since the Antagonist route would be very different, as though having its own chapter.


Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you too! And yeah, the books are getting darker than the movies by now. The fifth one has even more mystery and gloom than the fourth one