UPDATE 10/12/2020!

Morning, guys! What's up?
I was drawing all day last week and today, I'm finally finished with Guntur's past-life memory! 
The total added up to 36 images, here's a sample:

Like I did with Kahlil's, his images were drawn with children's storybook style--though, not quite the same because the end is pretty dark and there are some blood splatters at the end ^^; I'll do my best to keep it mild!

I also started making plans with Arya's past-life memory images.
I've drawn the first page, but I still have to practice on how to draw a wolf without overdoing it x'D

Last but not least--I've just realized that it's been two years since I last tapped in with my semi-realism style O_O; that got me sweating, so with a little spare time left on Sunday, I decided to draw a small fanservice for you: 

Why Guntur you ask? 
Because I was drawing his past-life memory and thought of him first ><

I wish I could think up a better pose instead of the classic head-tilt--but I ran out of time and I could already imagine my mom glaring at me to go to sleep, so there you go!

For my $5 and up patrons on Patreon, you'll get to see the step by step GIF and download the raw .psd file -^.^)/ I've said this countless of times but--thank you for your support! Please accept this small gift from me! *bows

That's it for now and see you again next week!
I hope you enjoyed today's update!



Q&A session part 17! 

1. If suddenly you wake up and find your sex changed, what's the first thing you do?-- by: NekoKarasu

Arya: "No. Fucking. Comment."

Kahlil: "Uhh... I dunno? Inspect my new lady bits? I've been mistaken as a woman once, I also have no qualms about becoming one so nothing will change much."

Guntur: "How the hell can you be so calm? I'd probably freak out. It would feel so wrong and weird to walk around with boobs and without junior to--"

Kahlil: "Guntur! Not in front of the kids!"

Guntur: "Oh. Sorry."

2. How smart are you? --by: NekoKarasu

Guntur: "Enough to go by."

Kahlil: "Smart enough to not get into any trouble! You're only in trouble if you get caught, right? Well, I've never been caught!"

Arya: "Smart enough to tell he's dumb."

Kahlil: "...Hey!"


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Wow what a wonderful picture of Guntur. :)
What's wrong with the pose? The classics are always good. :)
Your semi-realism style is different, but I really like it. You should do this more often. :) Also, it was really interesting to see how you work in Photoshop. Thanks for the gif and the file at Patreon. :)

D'aww you're welcome, Yanonako! *hugg
It makes me really happy to hear you like my semi-realism style! >///<
I wish I have another pair of hands so I can multitask and draw more--also 48 hours a day instead of 24 lol

As always, thank you for the entertaining update! I started replaying Legend of the Winged Ones yesterday to procrastinate homework, and it made me wonder when the next update would be. Also, the picture of Guntur is amazing (he looks goood)! :)

You're welcome, Soph_8698!
I would also like to thank you for dropping by often and showing me your support >///< I'm glad to hear you like the picture!
Sometimes, I'd also replay Winged Ones--the nostalgia truck hit me hard x'D those are good days <3