UPDATE 10/27/2020! More Options for Spring Village Worldmap!

Hi guys!
Some of you told me great opinions and after taking careful considerations, I decided to add more options based on that ^.^~

There are lots of pictures I posted this time, so I'll apologize in advance for spamming or if it causes you any discomfort *bows m(_ _)m 
I've taken note of your votes but you can still change your vote by commenting below~ 

Amberbaum said it would be perfect to combine A & B together, so here's C!

Yanonako said the transition between pink and green is a bit too harsh so she showed me these awesome refs for me to use (Himalayan's wild cherry blossom pictures. They're so beautiful!). Therefore, I tried to soften the transition:

There's also this version, but I think the pink is a bit too dull? ><;
this one didn't make it to the voting roster:

Um, honestly, I'm wavering between A, C, and D?
I think I'm overthinking things again so I need your help! The trees won't affect the lore, it's only for your eyes to see and enjoy, so don't hesitate to choose what you like -^.^)/

Here, I'll also drop 2 of the Spring Backgrounds for you, maybe it'll help you make a decision:

Thanks for your time and for voting!
I look forward to see the result of the voting~



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I vote for F.


A little late, KyiSoRo x'D
But you're in luck! F received the most vote so it's going to be used in game!

I'd say F

Noted! Thanks for participating, AnubisDaRa! ^.^

My vote goes to F :)

Thanks for coming, Averisa! :3

I like D and E

Thanks for dropping by, PandaManiac!

Ooh, I hope I'm not too late but I like C or F! They're both a good balance of the colors hehe

Nope, you're not late~
Your vote is noted, Steph :)!


I think D is really nice. It is still mythical, but not too obvious. 

Thanks for participating, Aura Stone!

You're doing an amazing job as always! I appreciate that you look for feedback from us; it's not something a lot of developers do while working. I like C and F the most!

You flatter me! We all want the best for Bermuda so this is the least I can do~ :'3
Your vote is noted, Soph_8698!

Ohh, I didn't get to vote on the previous post but I still want to drop my grain of sand ♥️

I agree that the first batch's green and pink trees cut too abruptly. It's a bit harsh on my eyes.

The second batch is just gorgeous. All three of them. The transition between leaves is so smooth and soft - it looks a lot more natural. Kudos to Yanonako for pointing it out to you and to you for making such a great job! And omg I love those yellow and orange trees so much 😭

I'd honestly vote for E without a second thought, but sadly I see it's not one of the crowd's favorites. I'd like to make my vote count, so I'll change it to F. I'd love to keep some of that yellow foliage.

Just want to add that your ability to draw maps is mindblowing. Look at all those tiny houses! My wrist hurts just by looking at it. That look SO hard and time-consuming. It's really nice for us as future players to see how much love you're putting into your work. Can't wait to play!

I'm glad you like the tiny houses, Call Me Val! 
You're right, they took the most out of me but it's worth it x'D
I also can't wait to deliver Bermuda to all of you and hear your thoughts! 

Now that you mention E, someone said that they lived in a place where there are lots of yellow flowers around so yup, it's fine to pick what you like :'3 
I'll take note of you picking E and F, okay? ;)

Wow, you're super fast again. :)

The added lighter green tones of the entire forest look absolutely wonderful.
That's exactly how I imagined it! :)

Well ... for the vote:
I think the last version is the most beautiful, because it comes very close to the reference images, but you're right, the pink is actually a little too weak. So I'm for D or F. :)

Hi, Yanonako! Your vote is noted!
Thanks to you, the map has gotten better and people are very happy with it x'D
Let's continue to work hard! *huggg


personally I really love c but e is also really nice 


Hi, thatcrispyperson!
Your vote is noted! lol for some reason your nickname makes me hungry x'D

I like F. It's a good mix of both colors, and the gradient between green & pink/yellow looks more natural than the first versions. :) 

Hi, ichigo991!
Your vote is noted! Thanks for dropping by~


Oh I like C and F :D

Hi Ennaej! Your vote is noted! :3 thanks for dropping by!

(1 edit)

Definitely F. C's transition feels too abrupt. Also, that was fast as hell. x)

Hi tekkonkinkreet! Your vote is noted and lol yes, we need to strike the iron while it's hot! X"D

oo i personally really like D and C!~

super excited for this game btw- been quietly watching for a long time lmao, keep up the great work!!

Hi Cobalt_Tea! Noted and thanks for participating!

I really appreciate your support QuQ we're slowly but surely getting there! *Happy bounce


Ohhh, you are fast :)

C or F. I like that the yellow foliage is in the east of the isle. It makes it look like it would be a nice special place for a walk or to have some spring/harvest festivities/rituals there.

I don't really think you need to tweak the map any more with the amount of map versions you've presented us. I guess the map gets the most votes wins. If it ends up being a draw then I'd say go with your personal preference.

Hi, Amberbaum!
Yes, C is gaining popularity x'D
Sadly, you won't be able to go over the farming land so you'll be only able to see it from above >< (the east side is made spontaneously--no lore is prepared for it Q_Q) 

Rest assured, I think we have more than enough options! I won't add anymore x'D
Thanks again for the suggestion tho!