UPDATE 12/25/2017


Jesus is having a birthday party today so let's relax, take a breather from your job, eat cakes, and have fun with your friends, and maybe trade presents with them!

Here's a little something from me:

Which 'Santa' you would like to have going through your chimney? A, B, or C? x'D 

On a more serious note, last week I managed to finish 1 small scene and 1 big scene -the big scene was still in a need of polishing but I think I can finish Chapter 3 at the end of the month! Hopefully ><

Lol, Chapter 3 part 3 is getting longer and longer by the day -I didn't expect it to be more than 100 pages y'know @@

Meanwhile, I've just finished HP Goblet of Fire and boy, it's actually quite dark and even brutal at some scenes. The movie played it down quite a bit o.o;

Hmm anyways! I'm going to enjoy myself for a few days before I continue writing! You should too my friends x'D New Year is coming and that means fireworks & red envelopes! Yippeeeee~

That's it for now and see ya next week! xoxo,


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