Emergency Update 7/11/2020!

Guys, I might be in trouble... 

My macbook won't start. Halfway through the loading screen, it crashed into blackscreen. I can't even enter using safe mode (press shift until the apple logo appears, right?).

I also tried Utility Mode and ran First Aid on everything. Everything is okay except for one thing: Machintosh hd. 

I'm in big trouble because I put Bermuda's file on the desktop(for easier access and so I can quickly open it). I got a backup but I haven't updated the file in three weeks so it's only 70% of the winter Arc *cries

I'll try to find a laptop service store. Hopefully, I can find one and everything will turn alright (beating myself over forgetting to update my backup file). I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

UPDATE: the store I went to managed to restore Bermuda's file! *Happy dance* he said the HD is corrupted/has become too weak? (is it because the laptop is working too hard? I turn it on and work on it for about 10 hours a day and within a room without air conditioner, so... It might get too hot?)

In any case, after copying the file, I'll try to reinstall the macbook as suggested and see if I can still use the HD ><

UPDATE 2: all is well! The reinstall is a success and I've reinstalled everything I need with little trouble! The store guy was super helpful and very patient with me QuQ we're back on business!

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So SO glad everything got fixed there, and omfg that is scary. D:
Any way to maybe keep a back up you keep updated in like a private google drive or similar? On the dev end I am legit a tech incompetent, so no idea if smooshing it in to a folder in there'd bork stuff or not.


Hi, Seraiden!
I tried uploading a backup to my Dropbox once, but the uploading time is SO slow so I opted to manually copy the file to an external HDD and regularly update it >< it's working so far, but sometimes, I forgot to update it :'D

Thank goodness, things ended up well or Bermuda's progress would be significantly regressed x_x

Thanks for being here, Seraiden! <3

I'm glad that everything is fine!


Yes! Thanks for being here, Lossy!


Gosh! Something like that happened for my Final Year College Project and it was absolutely devastating, thankfully I managed to get my files too! I'm glad you rescued them. Maybe try set up some cloud storage? OneDrive or Google Drive? Might be safer! 


I feel you! When this first happened to me, I almost cried in front of the store guy--thankfully, he's all cool, patient, and reliable. Looking as if nothing surprises him anymore lol. The second time, I almost cried again (in relief this time) because he managed to recover my files :'D

Um, I'm a bit behind on technology so I don't really know about cloud storage >< I usually update the backup file I keep on an external HDD.
I once tried to upload Bermuda's files to my Dropbox, but it takes a lot of time and sometimes failed x_x

I'm sure he understood why you were so worried! 

I work in IT (programmer/tester etc) I may be able to help you here if you are interested :) I can link you some good tutorials etc and help you get set up. 


I’m so happy everything worked out! I’ve had that happen with my MacBook before during a huge paper (big project for my graduation deal). Thank you for keeping us updated. 


Whoa, it must've been terrifying! D:
When this first happened to me, I almost cried in front of the store guy when I tell him what the problem was. Fortunately, he was all chill and patient, looking as if nothing is new lol.

I don't know when electronics get on sale in your region, but maybe you could buy a external HDD or even better a SDD? When drives start acting up it's better to act fast and get yourself some new gear. Drives like to die a sudden and quiet death, taking all their precious treasures with them ;-;

Rip my two hard drives that dies suddenly and nothing really could be saved.


Hi, Amberbaum! Yes, the store guy also recommended SDD to replace the HDD, but after reinstalling, my laptop works well so he said we should wait and see for now ><;

Yes it was scary! It was fine last night, it's just that my laptop was lagging more than usual--I should've seen the sign and update Bermuda's backup then! The backup is in my external HDD I just sometimes forgot to update it ><;

I'lldefinitely take this as a warning and next time, if it corrupts again, I'll change to SDD QuQ this is the third time my HDD got corrupted without any clear reason. Fortunately this time it's not that expensive. I'll save up for that SDD!

Oh my gosh that must have been so horrifying. I've experienced something similar too, and man, data recovery is expensive. But hopefully your laptop could be fixed and you won't lose the files you have. 

It is, I panicked but fortunately, the store I went to managed to restore Bermuda's file! QuQ now I'm reinstalling and will see if I can still use the HD or not

I'm so sorry this happened to you! I can't imagine how devastating this must be. Hopefully you can restore your progress. I'll pray for Bermuda (^-^).

Fortunately, Bermuda's file is restored! Now I'm reinstalling the Mac and will see whether I can still use the HD or not ><