UPDATE 11/16/2020!

Hey, guys! What's up?
I worked hard last week :'D

1. Made 1 new NPC silhouette, 1 new special effect, afternoon & night versions for 6 of Spring's Backgrounds!
I also polished Autumn Village's afternoon backgrounds but there's not much to say about that ><

2. Programmed in 22 pages! 

I think we're almost back on track! 
I still need to program in the new characters' expressions but other than that, everything is going well! 

I also started researching some references to use for the Spring's CGs. One of them will involve the crowd so it's gonna be complicated for me who usually only draw 2-4 people in one CG x_x  maybe I should blur the crowd? x'D

lol in any case,  let's continue to work hard!
While I'm jumping head first with the Spring Arc, here's a sneak peek of Winter's Arya Chibi animation! It's a mild spoiler but I figure you haven't seen much of Arya, so... here you go!

For my $5 patrons on Patreon, you'll be able to see a CLOSE UP of this chibi's CG version! If you're one of my $10 patrons, rejoice! You'll be able to see a FULL preview of this chibi's CG version!  -^.^)/

Well, that's it for now and see you guys next week!
Have an awesome day and thanks for reading!



Q&A session part 20! No one posted any question for the bachelors, so Im going to have fun today~

1. *Puts a plate of cookie on a low table*

Kahlil: *walks in* "Huh? Is this today's snack? Yum!" *eats without any hesitation*

Guntur: *walks in* "Who puts this here? They're going to attract ants." *puts the cookies away in a jar*

Arya: *walks in* "I smell something sweet."


Arya: "...Fuck."

2. "Do you guys have any wise words/quotes to share with us?"

Kahlil: "Hmm... Don't judge a person by their appearance and... oh! Live like today's your last day!"

Guntur: "Life will always try to make things difficult, but success is not final and failure is not fatal. It's the courage to continue that's counts."

Arya: "...People said that money can't buy happiness and it can't buy everything--but the fact is; everything needs money!"

Kahlil and Guntur: ".........Well..."

Me: *facepalms* 


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Hi SweetChiel! My week has been alright; I've been doing a lot of homework. My state has been put in lockdown again because of COVID so thats not much fun... But its for the safety of everyone so I get it. By the way, the chibi is adorable and I love it!! Hang in there and keep up the good work.

Hi, Soph_8698!
Good luck with homework! My town hasn't been doing great either, my cousin's neighbor got COVID so their place got semi-locked down and I'm getting a little scared for them ><; Vacation season is also coming so I fear that people will go out despite the endless warning about not going out unless really necessary OTL (many people underestimate COVID, seeing it can be cured, but if things go on like this, I'm afraid this will become an endless cycle until a vaccine is discovered :'D)

You too, hang in there! Drink lots and as always, thank you for dropping by and giving me your support <3 >///<