UPDATE 11/23/2020!

Hey, guys!
According to Patreon, November 19th is a “Thank You Patrons Day” so... here's a little something for you <3

It's a bit late, but better late than never, right? >///<
Honestly, I can't thank you enough for allowing me to do what I love for so long and work at my own pace--I know that I'm repeating myself a lot but I really don't know what else to say to convey what I'm feeling for you all QuQ


Let's stop here and focus on telling you what I did last week before I get mushy and ramble forever ><;;

1. Polished an important scene of Arya's and Guntur's at the Winter Arc!

2. Polished the Super Backers' characters--as in programming their sprites & more expressions~

3. Last but not least, I programmed in 18 pages! I stumbled a little here and there due to the many sprites I have to control ^^; the early scenes involved many new characters and I had to re-check their position everytime I write a new line/action (so they won't block each other) so please bear with me for now~

Um, lastly... this is off topic, but I've been trying to reconnect with my semi-realist painting style! I hope I can improve myself--I really need to learn lighting and mixing low saturation into my palette :'D (I'm afraid of hurting your eyes with my bright palettes lol)

That's it for now and see you guys next week!
Take care and stay hydrated!



Q&A session part 21! If you have any questions for the bachelors, type away!

1. How good is your singing?

Arya: "Don't even ask."

Guntur: "It can't be that bad, Arya. Even I can hold a tune."

Kahlil: *chuckles* "Step back and listen. You're looking at a pro."

Arya: "I don't believe you..."

Guntur: "He's good. He can even imitate a woman's voice."

Arya: "What the fuck--"

2. How good is your tolerance to spicy food?

Arya: "They're okay. I prefer sour or spicy than salty or sweet food."

Guntur: "I love them! If I can eat spicy food everyday, I'll be very happy. I'd like to try eating a ghost pepper someday."

Kahlil: *blanches* "Ugh, not for me. I can't handle spicy food, not even one bit."


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Hi SweetChiel! :)

Thanks for the great picture! :)
I didn't even know there was a “Thank You Patrons Day”. XD

No, you don't hurt our (my) eyes with your bright palettes! ;)
I'm looking forward to more in your semi-realist painting style.

Is your laptop fully functional again? I hope so, that's always the worst. I once had no backup and lost half a year of material. -.- That was so terrible. So I'm glad that you were able to save everything.

Oh, out of curiosity, I extrapolated your programming steps. If you process an average of 20 pages per week, then Chapter 6 (Spring) would be ready by early July 2021. And no, pure statistics, no pressure! ;)

Best regards :)

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Hi Yanonako! Thanks and glad to hear you like it! x"D 

I also didn't know about ThankPatronDay until now lol, but I was happy to have another excuse to do something to show my appreciation for you guys :'3

Ah, it's a relief to hear that x"D my palette have always been bright so I had a hard time with low saturation colors (which is often used for realistic paintings)--but look forward to it! Recently, I found a new mobile game that I love and I'm planning to make a fan art and show it to you guys next week! I should be able to show how much I've improved with my semi-realist style! >:D

And yes, my laptop is alive and kicking! I'm still a bit paranoid now and then but I think everything is fine now 😂 this is a great reminder that I should update my backup files often.

And--oh! That's so sweet of you to help me predict Bermuda's ready date <3 however, after Chapter 6, we still have the secret route/antagonist route, so it might be longer than that... OTL 

Still, after looking at this, I think I'll open beta-test for my patrons as soon as Chapter 6 is ready?(raw version, not proofreaded yet, and without secret route) I mean, I feel bad enough that Bermuda is taking 3 years to develop, 4 years might be a stretch ^^; 

Will it be okay though? I feel a little conflicted when something that is not perfect is presented to you OTL will you guys mind? 

Um, thanks, Yanonako! I'll bring this up at next week's update!




Hi! :)

Well then I'm looking forward to next week. :)
What kind of game is this?

Now I feel a little guilty for having brought it up out of simple curiosity. That was really not meant as pressure or to move anything! And you don't need to feel bad either, after all you do it all by yourself in your free time!

Yes, I know there is the last route to come.
I think you have several options besides the actual planning, which I am absolutely happy with.
1. Final version with everything (as planned)
2. BetaTest (Raw Vision): Beta testing is always good. This will give you feedback on where there are any errors or where something should / must be adjusted.
3. BetaTest (revised version) as the final game. (without the last route)
4. Separation of the two parts: First say the final routes of the three and then the last route as a subsequent addition. I know of some other projects that handled it the same way.

I myself prefer completely finished products and have no problems waiting longer. ;)
The final decision should be yours and of course your own feelings about it. Our opinions shouldn't influence your work style either. After all, you should have fun with it and not come under pressure! At least that's my opinion on it.

Best regards :)

The game is very beautiful and there's a hype going on about it for quite a while now~ do you know Genshin Impact? OuO

Oh no, you dont't have to feel guilty! I think it's about time for beta testing to happen. Maybe I'll give my patrons a key and let them decide whether they want to beta test or not--some might want to wait like you and some might've been waiting for this to whip me into shape x"D

Aww, don't feel bad. In fact, I need to thank you for bringing this up! While I'm a bit uncomfortable with the idea of showing something not perfect, after giving it some thought, beta test will definitely help me with loopholes/things that I missed. And... I think those who participates with the beta test should already be mentally prepared for spoilers? ><; I just hope it won't spoil the fun for them QuQ

Thank you so much for thinking about me and Bermuda, Yanonako! *Huuggs

Hm ... unfortunately no. I took a quick look at it and I think I happened to see some videos about it on Twitter. Looks interesting anyway. Unfortunately, my mobile phone does not take part (too old and no Android XD). I always use the "BlueStacks" program for the PC for that. Also works, but it's not exactly the same.

Then I am reassured. :)
Well, I am not averse to participating regardless of my stated opinion. I'm happy to help and I'm much too curious anyway. ;) And yes, everyone who takes part should be aware that spoilers are coming. If you let everyone decide to participate, you won't take away the fun!

No problem. Like I said, I just want to help.
* Hugs back * :)

Yup they're the hype these days x"D Oh, and  no worries! Genshin Impact is a cross-platform game, there's a PC version and PS4 version ^.^ the only downside is the game size. It's pretty big ><

Then, please take care of me when the time comes x"D 

I've sent you emails~ I hope they reached you? O.O

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Hi, SweetChiel .Can i say I love the demo of this game and cant wait to see the finished product .I really hope you and your family are doing fine these days 

Thank you, tis i! I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed the demo! -^.^- I'll do my best to finish Bermuda as soon as I can!

And thank you for your concern~ fortunately, all of my family members are doing well but we still have to be careful because covid is looming over the neighborhood ><;  

You too, please take care--christmas is coming but it might be a good idea to spend vacation at home :'3