UPDATE 11/1/2021!

Hey, guys! How did your New Year celebration go?
I stayed at home but my mom's friends sent us a lot of food so it feels like we had a feast :3

I tried eating as much as I can before they go bad--which is a bad idea. I overate + with how I've been sleeping late, I got a mild stomach flu as a result QuQ One night, I felt so bloated and sick, I had to go to the toilet back and forth until it was 4AM. Fortunately, I recovered quickly and I felt better after only a couple of days. Remember not to overeat and get plenty of rest, guys!

With that said, Bermuda's progress is doing well~

I programmed in 23 pages this time! Most of it is Arya's scene and gosh, I'm so satisfied with the polished version! >///<
We're still at the part where it's calm before the storm though. There's also a comic relief/humorous scene before the serious part continues--this is one of my most favourite scenes in the whole game so look forward to it! X'D

Ah, before that I'll have to make alternative sprites for Maya + 2 other female characters O.o
It's a Hot Spring scene so they'll have a different appearance ><

Overall, it's just an ordinary week~ 
Here's hoping for a productive week! Cheers and see you later, guys!


Q&A session part 24! If you have any questions for the bachelors, don't hesitate and type away! 

1.) It's a bit late, but do you guys have any wishes or new year greetings to say to your fans?

Guntur: "Happy New Year! To you who had it hard last year, don't lose heart and keep going! Cheer up, eat plenty of good food, and let's live a good life!"

Kahlil: "Happy New Year! Best of luck to the year ahead! Let's look back, smile, laugh at the silly things we've done, and look forward to a new day!"

Arya: "Happy fucking New Year, little shits. Don't get ahead of yourself and take fucking care of your health. Having a goal is great and all but hospitals are damn expensive."

2.) Do you guys look forward to Chinese New Year?

*Guntur and Kahlil looks at each other*

Guntur: "We're not Chinese but if it's another time for celebration, I'm in."

Kahlil: "Yeah! I heard there are gonna be drum, Lion Dance, and red envelopes!"

Arya: "Red envelopes are usually given from parents/elders to their children. Read my lips; children. Are you a child?"

Kahlil: "I'll always be a child at heart!"

*Arya gives Kahlil a disdainful look, snorts, then opens his laptop to get back to work*

Meanwhile, me: QuQ (I wish Arya can tell me the secrets to staying focused and work without getting distracted) 


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Hello Chiel!

My new year is just so-so. I don't really care for celebrations so it's just like another day for me. Oh no, yes don't overate ๐Ÿ˜‚ I love to eat, but I always eat enough. Thank God you feel better.

Thank you for the hard work! :D

I was thinking of a question to ask the boys, but then I realize it's offensive to Arya so, dang, no I shouldn't ask it. I like to annoy Arya, but I don't want to offend him ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Hi, PangHerHeart! Thank you for your support as usual <3 I'm glad to hear you're doing fine over there and yup, eat in moderation, overcelebrating something can be harmful for the body ๐Ÿ˜‚

Now I'm curious, what question is offensive to Arya? o.o you can give it a try but no promises that he'll answer it. He already ignored some questions, what could possibly happen :'3


I was trying to ask a should-be innocent question about the boys' favorite colors. I don't know if it is asked already but......... ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I feel so silly now...

Ooooooh, I get it rofl!
Your question is noted! x'D it took me a few seconds to notice what you mean by 'offensive' rofl!

So excited for all of this! And take care of yourself, Chiel. ;v; Your health is important, too.


Thanks, Seraiden! To think that I'd get a stomach cold due to overeating is just... it's funny now that I think about it x"D thanks for worrying and you too, don't overexert yourself and take care~

I am, recovering from a hernia surgery so I'm being forced to not exert myself. xD

(2 edits) (+1)

Oh my! Congrats to the successful surgery! I hope you get well soon~
Take this as an opportunity to read novels/watch movies in your bucket list! ;)


Gotta say, i'll also always be a child at heart.

question for da boys:

what is your favorite holiday/celebration? what would you do if you were in front of a table packed with food?

Hi, Sesame seed! Me too, I'm always 17 at heart X"D 

Thanks for participating! Those were good questions but I think I've answered about their favorite holiday/celebration o.o or was it on the fun facts? We gotta scroll down for that lol

In any case, I've taken note of both of them! \(^.^)/