UPDATE 1/22/2018!

Hi guys! 

Last week was very intense :'D 
Remember the scene I have to write before Maya's group arrive in the Autumn Village?

It ended up much longer than I expected ^^;; 7k+ words -a new record ><; 

The branchings are going quite well though! There's a lot going on in here and there are some things in need of a good polishing, but overall, it turned out better than I expected~ 

The arc in the Autumn Village will be longer than the one in the Winter Area with lots of small events, so I doubt it will be finished at the end of the month -but let's just do what's best for the game instead of hurrying, eh?  

Aside from that, the proofreaders has finished checking Chapter 3 part 2! They did a very good job and I'm very pleased with the good changes they brought (*^^*)

The only bad news is that my internet has no signs of recovery :S I had to borrow my mother's phone wi-fi to update these days. 

Last but not least... No sneak peeks for now ~

For my patrons, I decided to try and make a few comic strips about behind the scenes & my daily life as a bonus + so I don't forget the feeling of pen tablet :')) It will be for $10 patrons today and then released for $5 patrons next week!

That's it for now and see ya next week!


P.S. I haven't finished reading Harry Potter & Halfblooded Prince, but I watched The Greatest Showman! For those who haven't watched it, it's brilliant! QuQ

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