Small Update 15/2/2021!

Hi, guys!
I got bad news and good news, which one do you want to hear first? 😂

Let's go with the bad news first; what I told you yesterday happened. I didn't get to do much progress due to being immersed making Valentine art QuQ I did drew a few things for Bermuda though:
- Made 2 new enemy silhouettes for the final arc
- Made 2 new item icons
- Edited 1 sprite (new variation)

Sadly, no progress on programming due to not having much time left ><; I was very busy due to Chinese New Year and celebrating Valentine with my bf.

Speaking of my bf, the good news is related to him; he's not my bf anymore, he's now my fiancé X'D *throws confetti before getting embarrassed & hides under my blanket

It was unexpected and very embarrassing because I cried a little QuQ
We're going to take slow steps, let the idea sink in first, then preparing mentally & physically (lots of preparation for that). I felt happy but also sad. I mean, while the marriage won't be happening soon, I worry about my mom a lot--but I should be overthinking because our houses in the future won't be so far apart. It's literally only 20 minutes away if there's no traffic. I also worry about my doggos, it'll feel weird without having Juno/Kiara laying on my feet while I work but at least they'll accompany my mom... if I could, I'll bring them all to live together with me but there are circumstances Q_Q

Welp, I can talk more but let's stop here before I cry again x'D

I guess that's it, what a start of a new year.
I hope you guys also had a great weekend! Still, don't forget to wash your hands often, eat, drink, and get plenty of rest so you don't get burnt out! 


Q&A session part 29! If you have any questions for the bachelors, don't hesitate and type away!

- For what in your life do you feel most grateful? -by : Yanonako

Guntur: "That I'm able to eat delicious food until I'm full. Trust me, it might look/feel like something insignificant but good food will make your days better and have something to look forward to."

Kahlil: "Mine is similar to Guntur's; that someone invented sweets! Even if your heart feels bitter/sad, eating sweets will comfort you when you don't have/want to talk to someone."

Arya: "That I'm still alive."

*Arya's short answer shocked Guntur & Kahlil. They processed it for a while before giving him a BIG group hug

Arya: "What the fuck?! Get off me!"

Would you mind being asked out/proposed to instead of the other way around?  -by: ro-ses (What a coincidence, eh? X'D)

Guntur: "I'd be very surprised and maybe a little regretful because I want to be the one who asked the question. But it's fine I guess, I like an assertive woman." *winks

Kahlil: "I think it doesn't matter who asked out/proposed first. It's sweet either way because it means they're thinking of a future with us and if we love each other, isn't it natural that we'd want to be together with them forever?"

Arya: "......Fuck. This thing is too sweet for me." *Arya looks a bit nauseous & tries to run away but get stopped by Guntur and Kahlil

Kahlil: "C'mon, Arya! I'm sure everyone is curious what your answer is!"

Arya: "There's no answer because I've never thought of making a future or whatnot with anyone! There's no way I'd drag someone else to my shitty life, I got nothing to offer besides my fucking temper."

Guntur: "You say this now but wait until you meet the right person."

Arya: *snorts in disbelief "There's no fucking person. No one will be able to handle my fucking temper."

Kahlil : "D'aww, it's okay, Arya! You still have us!"

Arya: "Fuck--for the last time, get off me!"


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Congratulations <3 <3 I've been following your work silently for a while now (although I've commented before, a looong time ago haha) and I always love how you reply so lovingly to the comments. You're a great writer and artist and I am genuinely sooo happy that things are going so well for you!! Good luck with everything, it will surely work out great!! 


Thanks for dropping by and for the blessings, Lucy! >\\\< you give me too much credits, stop it, I'm blushing *cough

I do my best to reply to every comment because I won't be able to go this far without your support -^.^- I think I remember you, but yes, it was a loooong time ago x"D 

Funnily enough, while I'm a romantic and an otome game developer, I once thought I'd never get married 😂 I mean, I'm a really introverted person and often shy away from the crowd. I was prepared to live a single life with my doggos but I guess fate says otherwise ><

You too, I hope things are going great on your side! Take care of yourself, don't overwork/sleep late at night like me~ 



Wow, congratulations! It seems a lot has happened while I was away, but I'm happy to see that you're doing well and that this game is still being made.

Thanks, xXxIce BearxXx! Indeed, a lot happened but rest assured, Bermuda will progress as usual! >u<)/ I also hope you're doing well over there! Take care of your health~


Happy for you! Congratulations 💜

Thank you, Stella123! I appreciate it >///<


\   (○^ w ^○)   /  ~♪ ~ ♫ 

Thank youuu, kidanshirooo \(>////<)/!


Congrats!!! :DDD

Thank youuu, Magnafico19! (-OwO-)
Sorry for the late reply >< there's a lot happening over here



Pretty soon you're going to have sweetchiel babies crawling around. haha. 

Hope you'd still make otome games but it's understandable if you don't.


I never thought there'd come a day where mini-sweetchiels will crawl around rofl

Don't worry! I'm planning to make otome games until my hands can't type anymore! It's a job I love and what's more, I can work from home while taking care of the little ones! ^.^)/

Thank you for the support as usual yohanlove! <3
Sorry for the late reply, things have been hectic lately ><



Makes sense that the wedding won't happen right now, considering that we still have covid. On the bright side that leaves you two more time for planning and sorting through your finances. Married couples get a tax break, right?

I hope you'll find a nice place to live and as long as you can call your mother I don't think it should be that bad. I hope she is fine too.


Thanks, Amberbaum!
Yep, I'm also not ready physically and mentally ><
I agree that we need to take it slow regarding finances/future plans, marriage is a commitment after all~

Each of us also have big close knitted familie so we're having a headache right now lol. Hopefully, covid will get better next year, if not, we'll probably settle for a small wedding <3 

And yep, I should be overthinking. If there's one thing I'm really grateful about, that'd be my bf's house and mine are really close. My mom is also physically more fit than me and the doggos are accompanying her, so it should be fine... right? QuQ

Thanks for dropping by, Amberbaum!
Take care and I hope you have a great week!



First of all, congratulations on your engagement!
What a wonderful way to start the new year! ^ ___ ^
I still remember when you said that you got a bf and now this. Take as much time as you need and walk every step of the way as fast or slow as you see fit. And I hope you can find a compromise. All the best again and to a wonderful future. :)

And don't worry about the short update on Bermude. You do enough and above all you gave us this wonderful Valentine's picture. ;)

Well .... I'm wirth "PangHerHeart". Arya is really vulnerable with his feelings, as always. I am so ready to tear down this wall (his protective shield)! XD

Have a wonderful week.
<3 Yanonako 

D'awww thank you, Yanonakooo QuQ
Yep, we're definitely taking baby steps! There are lots of tradition for Chinese Marriage and man, my  bf and I are confused x'D 

I also hope we find a compromise--my mom and I had a good talk though! We even got this great idea where we grab some CCTVs and apply them around my old house so I can watch over my old house while I stay with my husband :'3 

Somehow, you and PangHerHeart have this similar vibe--maybe because you two loves Arya and shares the same sentiment x'D I'll look forward to hear your thoughts once Bermuda is completed!

As always, thanks for dropping by and you too, I hope you have a great week!

SweetChiel <3


Well, the bad news isnt really bad news per se, you have really done so much since it's valentine and all. Also here i am making my first comment on your post, just to congratulate you, sorry for that. Anyways, congratulations and good luck, praying all the best for your future~

D'aww thank youuu, Manedza QuQ
I'm also touched to see you commenting for the first time <3
You don't have to apologise for anything! In fact, you've just made me a happy person >u<)/

I know that there are people who've been looking after me from the shadows, but to see one or two slowly stepping out and showing me their support is a great feeling! So thank you and I hope you have a great week ^///^



Glad to hear that, will be trying to keep in touch more often with that reply button (like literally). Whether from the shadows or not, all my support is always there for you, keep it up!

Praying a good, positive week for you too (。•̀ᴗ-)✧


CONGRATS!! That's very good news!!!

my heart dropped when I read that he's not your bf anymore, I thought you broke up, but then I read the great news and I became ecstatic! 

May you both live a life full of joy, and love!

*insert snoopy dance*

P.s: Thank you for giving me a push towards creating a visual novel, i am getting started and my mom supports this since i talked to her! :D I just have one tiny question....How do you do the side characters, mine don't show on the screen even if i do:

image side happy zelda = 'side_happy_zelda.png'

even with define, and the quotes, it still doesnt show....?

Anyways, again, CONGRATS!! :D This is the best news I've heard so far~~

You deserve a break! spend some time with each other~~


(2 edits)

Aaaah, thanks for the blessings, sis! X'D
I'm also glad to hear things are working out with your mom! 

As for the side characters... you mean the picture next to the text box? o.o
For that one you gotta go to the screen.rpy and set quite a few things. Mine is also blinking so it's a little complicated:

image maya1side_idle = LiveComposite(
    (207, 304),
    (0, 0), "char/Maya Side/Maya_base_side1.png",
    (0, 0), "maya_side_idle_eyes",
    xalign= -0.03, yalign= 1.0  )

image maya_side_idle_eyes:
    "char/Maya Side/Maya_side_idle3.png"
    "char/Maya Side/Maya_side_idle2.png"
    "char/Maya Side/Maya_side_idle1.png"

- (207, 304) is the size of the side image

- Maya_side_idle1 is opened eyes, idle2 is half opened eyes, idle3 is closed eyes. 4.5, 3.5, and 1.5 are used so she'd blink after 4.5 seconds, 3.5 seconds, or 1.5 seconds picked at random. 

And yep, to make a character blink you gotta separate the eyes and the face lol. Maya_base_side1.png is a face without eyes x'D kinda creepy. I sometimes even separated the eyebrows to make more expression variety or just combine the eyebrows with the eyes and make (maya_side_sad_eyes, maya_side_angry_eyes, etc...)

- xalign and yalign is to set the position (Where do you want to put the side image), fiddle with these until you're satisfied lol

Then once you're done with these, the code to make a shortcut would be this:

define u_idle = Character('[player_name]',ctc="ctc1", color="#ff81b6", ctc_position="fixed" ,show_side_image="maya1side_idle")

- player_name is a variable so people can re-name the main character. If you want to also do that, put this is script.rpy. I put this code in the scene where the Goddess asked for Maya's name:

$ player_name = renpy.input("What is your name?", "Maya", length=20)

$ player_name = player_name.strip()

if player_name == "":

    $ player_name="Maya"

- "Maya" is the default name if players chose not to rename her.

- So later, when Maya is thinking of something with an idle/smiling expression without opening her mouth, the code in script.rpy would be:

u_idle "(I wonder what's for dinner?)"

If you don't want your character to blink, it'll be much simpler. Just use these two:

image maya1side_idle = LiveComposite(     
   (207, 304),    
   (0, 0), "char/Maya Side/Maya_base_side1.png",    
   xalign= -0.03, yalign= 1.0  )

define u_idle = Character('[player_name]',ctc="ctc1", color="#ff81b6", ctc_position="fixed" ,show_side_image="maya1side_idle")

If I want Maya to laugh I'd have to make more codes, like u_laugh, u_sad, u_sadtalk, etc... you get the picture x_x this is why preparation often takes a loooong time lol but I hope I answered your question OuO)/

And yes! I'm taking a break now x'D
Take your time with programming, once you figure it out, you'll always be able to do it again! It's like riding a bike, even if you forgot how to, just re-open your old script and copy paste rofl

OMG, thank you for the advice on how to make a side image!

Man, I was suffering. I finally get why visual novel creators take their time T-T

Damn, I don' know how you can update every Monday :D 

Make sure to take a niiiice break :D 

Lol, when I got the notification of your reply, there was another notification saying:

"Night, night, sleep tight. Don't let the witches bite!" hqekfjegfkueqfrwhr what? LOL, but aren't they toothless...? What are they going to bite with? their gums?



I tried, but how big should you draw the full body for it to be cropped into a side image? so confused TwT

Sowy for da disturbance, but so far, you're my last hope. TwT


In this case, I just cropped Maya's body so it's only chest-up x'D 
Or! You can fiddle with the xalign and yalign, it's almost the same as xpos and ypos :'3

Oh and don't forget to compare the sprite's size with your game's screen resolution.
Bermuda's screen resolution is 1066x599 (Not recommended tho, a little too small. You should use your laptop's or PC's screen resolution as reference), so the character sprite's height shouldn't be more than 599 (from the knees up maybe?) I usually draw a sprite bigger than the resolution so it doesn't blur and easier to draw detailed accessories, then I resize it along with other sprites to compare compatibility with the screen resolution, background, and other character sprites' compatibility.

Err, to summarise it, it's important to first make a 'fake screenshot', so you'll know how the overall game will look like, how big will the text box be, how tall are the sprites, and whether they look good together or not. And then, you can just crop each item and save .png

Um, I'm kinda bad at explaining this, aren't I? @@
Please tell me if you're confused 

hmm, so I need to crop my character's body from chest-up? 

and it shouldn't be taller than 599....? I use ibis paint, so I should use a frame that's 599 in width this way I don't overdo it?

sorry, I'm kinda confused because this is my first time, and I don't understand the tutorials T-T

So I should draw her full body, then crop it in ren'py with the.....coordinates(?) that you provided me with? I never really understood what yalign and xalign, xpos, ypos is 0w0

but I think I have an idea of what you're explaining to me, thanks! I was going to post the demo, but I didn't find my side characters when I launched the game, so I just posted the 'project' without the game itself. oops--

again, thanks for the explanation, I understand more now!


1066x599 is my screen resolution I used so yeah x'D I cropped my character sprites so their height is 599
But for side images, you need to play with the yalign and xalign, it's the position of the picture :'3

More explanation:
- if you type xalign 0.5, yalign 0.5 the picture will appear in the middle of the screen like being 'justified'
- xpos and ypos is a little different. It counts using pixels, for example; xpos 100 means 100 pixels horizontal from the right. ypos is vertical 

Um, this is just me but before trying to make side-images, you might want to read the instructions written in the gui.rpy
that's where you customize the overall GUI, starting from main menu's background, text box, etc... ^.^)/

Ah! I forgot to tell you that there's also lots of tutorials about Ren'Py on http://lemmasoft.renai.usI learned a lot from that, don't give up!
Also, you might find free mini games codes, you can copy and paste them to make your game more exciting x'D I believe I used Alex's CG gallery's codes... I kinda forgot, it's been a long time but it's definitely free to use! You can learn a lot from looking at other people's codes :3

And don't worry, you'll get used to restarting your game over and over again just to check whether the codes works or not OuO)/
Welcome to my world, sis!



OMG that's great news! Congrats and all the best for the future you'll weave together!

Thank you for the blessings, El.Seth! QuQ


Wow I still remember the time you said you got a bf when he confessed to you at the zoo (if i remember it right) and now he's your fiance, how time flies. Congrats~ :">

Whoa, you remember that, afae? >///< I'm both flattered and shy~
thank you so much for the blessings, time does flies ^///^


AAAA Congrats on the engagement!!!

Aaaaaa thank youuu, MiyaNight83 >\\\<

(1 edit) (+1)

Hullo, Chiel!

First of all, *pat pat* It's okay that you don't do much. Second of all, congratulations on your engagement! But *pat pat* I hope you can reach a compromise that is a win-win for you, your dogs, and your mom hahaha

Awww, I love this QnA particularly! Guntur and Kahlil are very secure with their feelings, but Arya is really vulnerable xD A *pat pat* for you too, Arya, we are friends afterall... In case you forgot, yes Chiel herself has established that we are friends... Lots of update posts ago 😆 because we get along really well. Lol.

Or do you want my finger hearts instead? *shoving double finger hearts to Arya's mask*


"I like an assertive woman."

Ohohohohohoho~~~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ok, Gun Gun, igotchu





I hope so too, PangHerHeart! We'll definitely try to think of a middle path, or I can always bother him to let me visit my mom 😂 I also gotta consider my mother-and-father-in-law, there are so many rules/expectations when you're born in a big Chinese family ><

I'm very happy to hear you love this week's Q&A session! I usually have to spend half an hour to imagine & polish what their answers would be but this one is surprisingly smooth, flowing like water! As for Arya, well...

Arya: "Who's vulnerable?! Get your finger hearts out of my face! And you call that smooth? Smooth like my fucking--oof!" *Hurriedly clamped Arya's mouth shut before he says something he regrets

Ha... Haha... ^^;

Yup, hope you have a great week and see you around!



AH congratulations on your engagement!! I can’t believe I somehow became a prophet :)) But I can also relate to romantic stuff getting me embarrassed it’s so weird -///- 

The amount of art you did was impressive considering the amount of events going on this week! It’s a big update to me :) Thank you for the hard work!! (And also for a flirtatious Guntur on Valentine’s Day ^///^)

Hi, ro-ses! Rofl, I'm a sucker for romance but when it happened to me I became as stiff as a rock 😂

Thank you for dropping by and for the support/reassurance! I needed that x"D

As for flirtatious Guntur... you're welcome~ ;)

Congratulations!!! :D

thank you, Ennaej!! QuQ)/


Congrats !


Thank you, Neneka! QuQ


(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧   congratulations on your engagement~!

Thanks, kitsuneee >////<