UPDATE 1/29/2018!

Hi guys, last week was horrible...

My mac's hard drive was dying on me at Tuesday morning, but fortunately, I managed to save Bermuda's files Q_Q

So here's the story: 
At Tuesday, I wake up early and turned on my mac as usual while serving breakfast for my pups, but then the loading stopped at 70-ish % and then my mac suddenly shut down by itself. This happened multiple times and honestly, by then I was like being struck by lightning.

My mom and I went to several service stores then, and the first one said it's a hopeless case since the hard drive was dying/in a bad condition and they didn't provide a back up service.

(This is a photo I took, just so I can confirm with other service stores)

I was already preparing for the worst then. After that, we walked and drove to a second mall, and thankfully, we managed to find a service store that could read my hard drive!

My goodness, there was no words to describe how thankful I was. I thought I would have to re-write Chapter 4 part 1 and lost many .psd files, but no, thank God for having mercy T_T I dropped a few tears when a service boy managed to open my files' location. Bless him. Him and another worker also worked very fast, like, a little over a day and he re-installed everything I need + BootCamp (For windows since mac can't detect pressure for my pen tablet).

Besides changing the hard drive with a new one, I also bought a new external HDD with a memory of 1 Terra so I can make a new backup files there. It costed around $250 -and if it's not because of you guys, my dear indiegogos, lemmasoft readers, patrons, & donators -I might not be able to afford it! So really, thank you from the bottom of my heart QuQ

Alright, enough with the bad news!

Even though I was shaken, I managed to write around 4k+ words last week (3 small events + 1 general scene):

It's still a bit messy, but I reckon I can tidy it up later when I could schedule the events better. My heart is still shuddering from the after effects of having my mac & babies almost died on me Q^Q

I hope you guys backup your files regularly so you don't have to experience the same horror as I did.

See you next week!


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Oh my god, that must've been awful! I'm so glad everything went fine in the end!!

I lost a bunch of files these days 'cause my laptop died on me :( I know the feeling and the struggle, and also know better now than to let my backup with few/no updates in over a semester(yeah, that was on me haha).

Best of luck in the game progress <3

Hi and thanks, Lucy!

I'm so sorry to hear your laptop died )': I hope your semester went okay? I know the lecturers are very strict with their homeworks, but I hope they understand your difficulty and give some leeway ><

 And yes! We should put the important files on USBs or backup them in our google drive once in a few weeks.