UPDATE 06/05/2017!

To celebrate the campaign, I prepared a lots of sneak peeks today!

What I did last week:
- Revised typos & the Spanish translation
- Fixed a bug + updated the demo
- Did 5 forest variations for Summer forest C & D
- 2 sketches for a Spring village.

I was planning to write script this month, but there are some backgrounds(BGs) I have to finish first >< I finished the majority of forest BGs I needed, not all their variations yet, but... now I'm only left with buildings BGs & 1 winter BG to do *cries*

If you're wondering what is 'Background variations':

However, there are some BGs that has more variation than Morning, Afternoon, & Night. What is that, you ask? It's a secret~

As for what kind of buildings BGs I'm currently making, here's a sneak peek of one of the Spring village sketches I made last week:

*Note: The finished product may differ from sketch*

Was it fun to make the sketch? YAY! But was it also fun coloring it? NAY!!

Seriously, I thought my back will give up on me T.T I have a habit of leaning toward my laptop when drawing details -and it's still the basic color with minimum shading! *tempted to flip the table*

So yeah, I guess you get the gist of my struggles with buildings. I particularly need this one to show my "In Game Cameo" backers though so I'm going to prioritize it  ><

Also, I prepared a reward for my $10 patrons today! The step by step BG tutorial came earlier than usual and it's featuring the Ruins!

Phew! That is a long update O.O 
I hope you guys enjoy the sneak peeks, 'cause it's not everyday I post so many of them at once x'D

Lastly, I'm happy to see the campaign going steady! Thank you everyone! *hugs* I'm crossing my fingers it will stay that way until the main goal is reached :'3 

Now I'm sure you're tired after reading so much x'D I hope you guys have a great day! Thank you for reading and see you again next time!




Bermuda-Demo-1.01-linux.tar.bz2 218 MB
Jun 01, 2017
Bermuda-Demo-1.01-win.zip 223 MB
Jun 01, 2017
Bermuda-Demo-1.01-mac.zip 221 MB
Jun 02, 2017

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So, I'm not quiet sure how to start this but I'll give it a shot. 

When I first entered the wonderful world of VNs, Nusantara: Legand of the Winged Ones was one of the first I played (and I loved it!). That was about, what, a year ago? 

Ever since I've been interested in VNs but haven't had a lot of time to play them and I don't have money to buy commercial VNs. That's besides the point. 

Recently, I've been inspired to, well, make my own Visual Novel... 

I feel like it's silly, and I'm a little young to put myself into a big project but looking at what you've done... 

I was just wondering if maybe I could context you  and ask you a few things about making a VN? You seem like a super chill girl and I dunno. You seem really inviting. And I'm not in the whole VN community. Feel free to ignore if you want but I figured I needed a place to start, heh. 

Sorry for the giant comment!!!

Hi, SalveteVictoria! 

I'm really happy to hear I inspire you to make your own visual novel! >\\\< I believe that anyone can do ot given the time & effort. 

And yes! Feel free to ask me anything ^.^- I suggest to try and experiment with Renpy first though. It's a lot more convenient & efficient since I can't be there to show you directly.

At first, try simple things like; changing title screen's background, how to insert your own sprites in game, and customize the textbox/GUI! 

Ren'py is really famous in lemmasoft forum so you can find lots of tutorials there! You can google 'lemmasoft how to customize GUI' and it will pop out x'D I spend a lot of time here trying things through errors & trials.

It's also OK if you want to ask me about what art assets needed to make a VN ^_^)b

Come again!



Thank you so much! It means a lot you took some time to answer me ^^ 

I'll definitely check out Ren'Py. 

If I do have any more questions I'll just comment again :P 

If I do go through with my idea, you'll be the first to know about it :3