UPDATE 8/3/2021!

Morning, guys!
How did your week go? Mine was so-so. I was mostly preoccupied with making the antagonist's fighting pose and expressions. They came out pretty good OuO)b

- Programmed in 14 pages! More polishing here~ especially with the antagonist's dialogue. Girl, you won't believe how much time I spent contemplating on this x'D I want to try making them not cliche, but it's hard!

- Created antagonist's fighting pose (with 3 variations) & lots of new expressions for both normal/fighting pose! I haven't count how many expressions exactly (haven't program them all), but I made 1 new eyebrow variation, 4 eyes variation, and 3 mouth variation. I should be able to combine lots of new variation from them :3

- Polished Kahlil's fighting pose! I forgot whether I have shown it to you or not, but if you haven't, here's a treat for you ^.^)/

I slanted him a little to make it more like he's in motion, edited his hair, hand, and added shadow! It's not perfect but I'm quite satisfied with it :'3 Oh, and don't worry about his face, this is what his base looks like before I program in the blinking eyes and eyebrow x'D

Other than that, my mom and I are starting to prepare for my wedding. I thought it'd happen next year... but turns out I'm getting married this November ^^; and since I'm Chinese, there are LOTS to do. From the clothes, the place to stay, reception, furniture--don't even get me started with the church ceremony. My fiancé and I are kinda overwhelmed, with hens flying, dogs jumping, and our parents breathing down our necks (mayhem).

Actually, it's not that bad if we take things slow, but yeah... you'll get what I mean if you know how many ceremony there are with Chinese & Asian parents x'D 

Don't worry about Bermuda tho! I'll always do some progress every week! >:D

I guess that's it for now, I hope you guys are doing well over there!
Don't forget to rest and don't skip your meals! Other than that, let's continue to work hard together! \(OuO)/


Q&A session part 32! If you have any questions for the bachelors, don't hesitate and type away!

1. Would any of the cast enjoy horror movies? --by: wagamama keimochi

Kahlil: "Oh hell no! I don't enjoy it one bit!"

Arya: "Sure, the screams, the blood splatter... oooh, I'm so scared I pissed myself." 

*Arya seems like he's more annoyed than scared really*

Guntur: "What's so scary about it? It's just a guy with a knife or an electric saw."

Guntur: "I can do it too."

*Arya and Kahlil gave him a look*

Guntur: "What? Anyone can fight back given the right equipment."

Kahlil: "O-oh, so that's what you mean! Phew, let's move on to the next question!"

2. Do they consider themselves currently happy? --by: LoveSickBee

Guntur: "Sure, I have a roof over my head and food to eat."

Kahlil: "Yes! Ever since I live with Guntur, every day is so exciting!"

Kahlil: "He's also a great cook, I just hope he'll allow me to eat more sweets..."

Guntur: "No, you already eat too much as it is. Anymore will ruin your appetite."

*Arya clicks his tongue*

Arya: "What do you use to measure 'happiness'?"

Arya: "Money, of. course! Some said money can't buy happiness--I call it bullshit."

Arya: "With money, you don't need to think about how to pay the bills. Never have to face loan sharks or other things that can be solved with money..."

Arya: "That's why, currently, I'm not happy."

Kahlil: "Are you having some financial problems, Arya? We can help you, but we can't if you don't tell us."

Arya: "Fuck no. This is mine to solve."


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I've been silently following you through your works ever since you've released the older versions of Nusantara: Legend of the Winged Ones. To say that my heart swells with joy seeing how much you've progressed in your passion when it comes to your projects, is an understatement. I am very proud of you!! Thank you for working hard in making these projects, and I hope you'll find the process as enjoyable as much as we're enjoying the contents you're providing us. I'll be rooting for you :)

Also, I wish you and your fiance well for your wedding preparations, may everything go according to your plans and liking. I am an Asian too so to some extent, I know how extensive it is when it comes to planning for the wedding, the whole ceremony and even the reception omg haha. So again, I wish you the bestest of luck to your project and wedding preparations! Sending you a virtual hug.

(2 edits) (+1)

Thank you so much for the kind words, otomesage! QuQ
It means a lot to me that people are still waiting and supporting my work--I mean, I'm slow at programming so this weekly update is the least I can do for you >< 

And yes! There are lots to do, preparing for the wedding! It could be a bit overwhelming at times but fortunately, my mom and mother-in-law-to-be helps a lotI also need the exercise, so... so far so good x'D

Again, thank you for being understanding and I hope to see you around!
*receives the virtual hug and gives back as much--if not more >///< I love hugs*



Congratz, Chiel! I hope everything goes well for you in wedding preparations / actual day and whatever festivities you have planned for it. I'm not Chinese, so I'm not quite sure what everything goes on.

Even though the changes seem slight (at least to time, I'm not very perceptive), I enjoy them a lot! I can't wait for the game to come out (although, take as much time you need on it, I'm not tryna seem like im rushing you). I don't post on all of your posts (although, I try to like the majority of them), but I wanted to today to say congratz on your wedding.

I don't know if this question's been asked, but just In spirit of the celebration, what kind of wedding would they like?

Thank you for the blessing, owo! 
At this time, sometimes I wish I'm not a Chinese 😂 

If you're curious; there's this thing called 'Sangjit', it's an event where the guy will propose officially and exchange engagement rings. In the old times it might also be called 'delivering dowry/exchanging dowry' I guess? There are rules and specific items to prepare, like a mirror, jewelry, lamps that will be placed in the wedding room and has to be turned on at all times until I'm married (most of them have to be red in color), etc...

Well, you get the idea x'D 

It's a bit hectic over here but nothing unbearable yet. 
Sadly, I'll have to give up my dream of becoming a lazy potato couch--*cough*

But most of all, I'm really grateful that you're still here, supporting me through the tears, sweat, and joy! QuQ I've also taken note of your question so look forward to the next update~




Hi, Chiel! Thank you for the hardwork!

November, oml! May the preparation be as smooth as a... baby's butt? ...What am I saying. Okay, well, may my prayer and whatever good be with you! XD I never care about a wedding before, because I'm not close with my relatives to be involved in their weddings. Dressing up is a hassle. I just eat and leave. That's why, despite being Chinese like you, I don't know anything about it. But when my big bro is ready, I guess I will be. OH MY GOD, MY BIG BRO IS OLD AND SINGLE.

I read @Sesame seed's comment about how hot Kahlil is, and it gives me an idea to a question:

How will the boys respond to people saying "Oh, dayuuuum, you're hot" to them?

Uh, not in a bad and creepy way of course! Like always I just like to be mischievous LOL

And oh, Chiel, ehem. Will we get to know the antagonist like we do with the boys, ex. like this QnA session? Or do you want to make them as mysterious as possible to surprise people in the finished game?

Hi, PangHerHeart!
ROFL, first time hearing 'as smooth as a baby's butt' 😂 it made me smile and laugh first time in the morning!

You're also a Chinese? O.O *higfive!
Actually, I feel the same. Dressing up/make up is not my thing--I'd rather become a salted fish/potato couch all my life--but what do you know? I'm getting married QuQ my mom and my mother-in-law-to-be are like, 'We need to give you a facial! What about spa? Have you tried one? We need to start taking care of your skin so it's going to be as smooth as a baby's butt at D-day!' (I'm stealing your quote but you get the idea x'D)

When your big bro gets married, get ready to rumble~! * ba dum tsss*


Anyway, thank you for participating with the Q&A session as usual! I've taken note of it ;)
As for the antagonist... hmm... I think it's best to leave him alone so you can immerse yourself fully into his story later :'3 it's also test for me (to see whether my writing can do him justice/touch your heart or not)


The fighting pose of Kahlil looks cool but dang, whenever I see his tail, it makes me want to ruffle it up and feel the fluff.

Anyways, don't forget to not pushing yourself too hard going through those busy times! Praying all the best for you

Hi, Manedza!
Glad to hear you like Kahlil's fighting pose--and yes! If I ever saw a tail as big and as fluffy as that, I'd love to bury my face in it >///<

And thank you for worryingit's tiring these days but nothing unbearable! >:D I also need the exercise so it's a win-win!

I hope to see you around~



so excited for the game!
also omg i didn't know you're getting married soon but giiirl i totally get the whole "asian weddings" and them being extra. as an indian, we all know how extra our weddings could get. there's something about us asians and going an extra mile with everything

best of luck with everything! so happy and excited for you~

Hi, a~!
I knooow, the extra, the itty-bity-things--I was a bit overwhelmed, especially when my mom began to talk about it over and over again 😂 but I guess it'll be worth it in the end!

Thank you for the blessing and for being here <3


(2 edits) (+1)

:D Ooooooooh, someone's eager to get married~~ ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

And, you're Chinese! :D I get so happy for some reason when I find out someone is Asian...? I'm weird, haha, I understand how stressful it can be to prepare for marriage (2 weeks ago, I was made maid of honor for my BFF's wedding, haha) but in the end, you won't regret it! your life will be full of smiles, giggles, and...uh.....being goofy.....IF YOU'RE A GOOFY PERSON! :D

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Haha, I wish I could have commented on time for last week's post, but I got the scalp ripped open....whoopsie! And the audacity of my school to say that surgery wasn't an excuse to miss 1 online class.....so I had to get it stitched while I was awake and attending...D:

Question for the boys~~

does surgery scare you?

are you a floor person (meaning you like to stay on the floor)?

Dayummm, Kahlil looks hot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anyways, I congratulate you again and wish you good luck!!


Hi, Sesame seed!
Actually, I was thinking I'd get married next year... but then my fiance's little sister also got proposed and there's a rule in Chinese where big brother cannot get married at the same year as his little sister, so... yeah 😂

Another reason is they dare to say I'm not young anymore! The nerve! I'm always 18 at heart!


Jokes aside, yup, I think it'll be worth it in the end!
I hope your scalp is alright now O_O; and what a coincidence! I've just read an article where schools doesn't excuse online-class' absence even if they're sick/in a hospital after getting an operation. It's as if they're saying, 'So what if you're sick? You only need to open your laptop and... blablabla...'

Jesus, they just can't relax, can they? x_x

Last but not least, thank you for the blessing and the support! >///<
You too, take care and get plenty of rest! Don't skip your meals and do your best to recover! >:)



Hi SweetChiel! :) 

I'm glad that you are fine again. It was absolutely sweet to read that you have become ill, due to a lot of joy and excitement. ;) Ha, and what do I read now, the marriage will take place in November. How was that with little steps?! XD Well, that's the way it is sometimes. How nice for you! And hopefully everything works like you want it! * Look at the damn virus that holds the world into breath. * -.- Now I'm totally curious. Which traditions do you have and what are all to be considered? It sounds so much. 

Thank you again for the update! :) The combat pose of Kahlil are wonderful. With more shadow it works better than before. I can not imagine how much work that is to program all the facial expressions. O.o 

<3 Yanonako

Hi, Yanonako!
Ikr?! I thought I was getting married next year, but then my fiance's little sister also got proposed and there's a rule in Chinese where big brother cannot get married at the same year as his little sister, so... yeah 😂

And can you believe my mom told me that I'm not young anymore? They also said if I get too old, it'll be hard to have kids (I'm not even married yet and they're already talking about kids 😂)--but still! The nerve! I'm always 18 at heart :( 


Jokes aside, yep, the covid virus is making everything complicated. Chinese tradition is already complicated but it's making things harder x_x

If you're curious; there's this thing called 'Sangjit', it's an event where the guy will propose officially and exchange engagement rings. In the old times it might also be called 'delivering dowry/exchanging dowry' I guess? There are rules and specific items to prepare, like a mirror, jewelry, lamps that will be placed in the wedding room and has to be turned on at all times until I'm married (most of them have to be red in color), etc...

On top of that, we need to prepare the wedding reception, church blessing, invitation & souvenirs...

Well, you get the idea 😂

I also need to start exercising! My body is too weak, I'm afraid I'll faint somewhere in the middle of a ceremony ><;

Last but not least, you're welcome! I'm glad to hear you like Kahlil's fighting pose and as always, thanks for dropping by <3 ^///^



Thanks for answering my question! Kahil's fighting sprite still looks really cool even without a face, lol. There's just something about people doing fighting poses that makes it universally cool, but maybe that's just me?

The cool characters are the ones I like the most, lol. It's nice to hear about things progressing smoothly, but make sure to take care of yourself in the process too! 

I've been sort of on-and-off working on my own visual novel lately, so seeing someone else's progress, even if you might think it's very little, is very heartening! I've been looking forward to hearing your updates.

You're very welcome, wagamama keimochi! You can ask more if you want to x"D 

Yup, making the fighting poses and see them in action is very fun! The programming could be challenging but the reward is big (it feels as if they've come alive under our hands >u<) I'm glad to hear my updates are heartening & I hope it also motivates you! 

But most importantly, take care of your health and don't skip your meals! Because I've been staying home & only sit in front of my laptop for a long period of time, my body tire easily and not fit QuQ

Other than that, let's work hard together!



*Sings* I am so excited ( still) for this game.

And as always, thank you for the support, Neneka! >\\\<

:) no problem.