UPDATE 2/12/2018!

Hi guys! 

Last week was a challenge ><; 

I underestimated the amount of branching -especially for the main event where it part 3 ways, but I managed to write almost all the small events! (5k+ words!)

I might add more small events if the story allows it, but I'll focus on the big events this week.

I also went back and polished Chapter 3 part 3 +Chapter 4 part 1(for repetitions, better wording, etc).

So far, the story arc in the Autumn Village is going on a rocky road; I think I may have to make 1 more Background + more chibi animations to support the time transitions in the Autumn Village better x_x

For now, I'll write the things above in on my to-do-list -I gotta fix my sleeping schedule. My pups have kept me busy last week and thank God, I think Kiara's heat is ending. I don't think I can handle more midnight wake ups (whining, scratching the door, etc).

It's like handling a couple of hormone-crazyteenagers ^^;

Well, I hope you guys had a good week! Eat well and rest enough so you don't catch a cold! It should be still winter over there, right? o.o for Indonesians, we're still in a rainy season and there's flood everywhere ><

That's it for now and see ya next week!


P.S. it's almost valentine! I will make a short comic about Guntur, Kahlil, and Arya for the occassion, which is available for everyone to see :'3 It's not quite about valentine though, more like a scrapped event idea for the Autumn Village, but I hope it can brighten your day ><

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