Valentine Bonus!


Men will be men x'D

Hahah, here's the comic strip I promised! The original idea came from Azareal, creator of Magicians of Delphine. He/she had been on hiatus for a long time though, I hope they come back :'( 

Anyways, I hope you like it! Happy Valentine guys!

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Oh my gosh this is classic! xD

@SweetChiel the game when you finish it will be free? I would pay if that was the case but I don't have any money/reais(Brazilian Real).

Thank You

Julia Luna

Hi Julia Luna!

Unfortunately, due to it having a lot more content & more complicated story than Winged Ones, Bermuda is going to be commercial.

Early birds can get it for $10 while the normal price is $15. You can go to Bermuda's page and click the Paypal button if you want to x')

Thank you for asking! 



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 @SweetChiel can you tell me Arya surname?

I want to make he and Maya on The Sims 4

Thank you very much!

It's Purnama and thanks for asking x'D 

I'd really love to see him in the sims 4 <3

Thank you very much!

Julia Luna