UPDATE 2/19/2018!

Hi guys!
Glad to see you like the valentine bonus x'D

Also, Happy belated Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it! Gong Xi Fa Cai & Happy doggo year!!

Hahah, last week was a blast! I visited my big family's houses for chinese new year and boy, do I miss them!
It's a bit tiring and my parents even went to two different parties. I went to the first one but not the second one due to fatigue @@

However, I managed to write 4k+ words for Chapter 4 part 1!

With this, the main story branching's beginnings are done for all 3 bachelors! 

I still need to write the continuation, a few more small events + 2 big events, but it's going in the right track!

Oh, I also revised a scene in Chapter 3 part 3, which is a little over 1k+ words.

One of my proofreaders has checked it, but my other proofreader is not going to be available for a few days due to badly spraining her ankle and she's going to be bedridden >< I hope she rests well and gets better soon. She's been pushing herself too hard lately.

Dear readers, I hope you take care of yourself so you won't suffer from sleep deprived or having any unwanted accident, okay?

Alright, I'll stop nagging and going off topic now x'D 

That's it for now and see you again next week! xoxo,


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Hello! I really appreciate and admire all the time and effort you put into your work. Thank you so much, I'm really looking forward to playing this as much as I look forward to these weekly updates! By any chance do you accept mediums other than PayPal for payment? I would love to support you but I unfortunately don't have PayPal.

Hi, coreana!

Thanks for visiting and telling me your thoughts! >\\\< I'm also glad to hear you're reading and enjoying the updates! (I don't get that much people commenting so you just made my day :'3)

Other than paypal, I have a Mandiri bank account. It's an indonesian bank so I'm not sure if you have it there o.o; 

Still, thank you for your support and warm thoughts <3