UPDATE 2/26/2018!

Hey guys! How's your week? Mine was like a stampede x'D there are so many things happening at once and I was like, left wondering what had happened again this morning lol.

It was a happy week in the end though. 

The first few days, I wasn't in the mood for writing, so I thought, 'Hey, let's doodle with my pen tablet. It's been awhile so...' 

*6 hours later* (after 1 laptop shut down, haven't saved the damn thing & I had to redraw it.)



It somehow became a full color illustration :')) anyways, I decided to make a reward of it for my patrons. It's like a step-by-step progress, not quite a tutorial since I won't be giving out the .psd file -because there's a whole mess in there because of the shut down thing.

Other than this, I went out quite a lot last week, but I managed to write almost all the small events:

Around 4k+ words; 4 common, 2 Kahlil, 2 Arya, 1 Guntur small events... It's up to Day 14 now so yup, only need one or two more small events + the 2 big events.

I think I will take it easy for this week >< I want to catch some sleep and cuddle my pups for de-stressing *cough*

That's a wrap for now and see you next week! I hope your week isn't as hectic as mine >< xoxo,


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I wanted to ask this, I remember you saying that this is going to a longer game compared to Winged Ones, how many chapters do you expect to be in this game? You've might have stated this somewhere before, but I couldn't find anything. (Sorry if you said it before)

Hi, PandaManiac! 

Bermuda is going to be 5 chapters long + 1 extra chapter. Each of the chapters will be longer than before and the script progress currently is up to the Autumn village, which is close to 50% 

I hope it answers your question ~ 



Yes, thank you for answering ^^