UPDATE 3/5/2018

Hey guys... How's your week?

Mine was a monster :'))

- I polished the small events & added some more for smoother transitions

- And... I wrote 1 big event...

Surprised? 12k+words -I believe I broke all my records x_x It's not supposed to be this long or complicated, but mid-way writing it, it suddenly evolved.

It's like... I'm a sculptor and I ordered a 5 pound clay that's easy to mold -only to be given a 15 pound granite...

Gah! It was really a headache! I thought my head will explode!

I had to re-write, delete, reconstruct, break, and mend it many times! I even have to change a few things in Chapter 3 part 3 for this!

Thankfully -Fortunately, I managed to reach a satisfying end with this darn big event at Sunday; thanks to the help of my close friend ErdaEnos. We discussed about many things and I edited it once more before I finally get the right feelings in the script.

Haha... I told you guys I would take it easy but look what happened instead OTL

Anyways... I'm glad it was such a productive week. We're getting closer to the end of Chapter 4 part 1 but... I won't -don't want to look at a wall of text anymore for at least a few days ^^;;

It's for real this time! I want to de-stress!

Happy Monday & see you next week!


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Good work, my friend! Looking forward to your masterpiece this time around!! By the way does your first game have 3 bachelors only? I remember playing it with only 3 but don't know if the newer version contains added characters! Thanks!!

Hi and thanks for coming by, yohanlove!

And yes, my first game (Winged Ones) only have 3 bachelors, but Bermuda will have 4 bachelors (last one will be unlocked after you get all first three's happy ending). You're welcome if you have any other questions~


Yipee!! Can't wait! :")