A Small Heads-Up!

Hey guys! How was your day? 
Mine is not so good, I have some bad news I want to share ^^;

1. My laptop's WindowsOS got corrupted because I accidentally interrupted an update so I got it reinstalled. Good news: no files are lost! Bermuda is safe and sound!

2. I was planning to get vaccinated sometime this month, so I got my blood test done along with my mom's. The bad news is I got diagnosed with Hyperaggregation. It means my blood is thicker than normal and it easily coagulates. Mine is 4 times thicker than normal and it's still increasing, which is bad because I can't get vaccinated because of this and apparently, I'm in danger of getting a stroke/heart attack. 

In order to fix this, I must eat medicine, exercise daily, eat less meat, drink lots of water, and... fix my sleeping hours. I cannot sleep past midnight anymore, which is bad news because my programming time for Bermuda will get cut. And I mean, by a LOT. I'm a night owl, so this will really hurts my productive time... Q_Q 

I will do my best, but in between exercising and fixing my sleep hours, I'm afraid I won't get much time as I did before to do programming. So here I am, giving you guys a heads-up: While I'm fixing my lifestyle for health purposes, please excuse me if I progress slower than before *bows*

I will still update weekly and do my best to polish Bermuda, but until I'm healed, I'm afraid there's not much I can do Q_Q
That's it for now and thanks for reading!


P.S. They're not kidding when they say we should drink lots of water and eat more greens! The doctor knows my symptoms--bullseyes each time, too! (Heavy body, constantly feeling tired, whether I eat lots of meat/seafood... basically, the doctor listed all my bad behaviors in one go.  I got scared by the end of my visit lol) 

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Please prioritize your health above all and take care of yourself! Thank you so much for all of the hard work you put into this game, watching you steadily post updates every week is nothing short of awe-inspiring. But it's now time for you to rest more, so please do 🥺

Thank you for the understanding, matchmakingdove1028! *offers a hug and a plate of cookies <3
You're welcome and it's my duty--actually, I'm having fun with the routine of posting updates weekly so don't mention it! It's the least I can do for you when you've been waiting for so long -^///^-

You too, please take care of yourself! The small things we neglect, might become the reason why we become sick and at these hard times, health is a priority amongst everything else!

Thanks again and see you soon!

Please stay healthy and safe! I’m sorry to hear about the scary diagnosis, but hopefully it’ll be something that can be managed with healthy habits :) 

I’ve been exercising a lot more recently which is a lil coincidence LOL I’ve been finding steeper hills when I walk my dogs, they are great motivators bc they love to run T-T but we understand and hope for your recovery! <3 I send my love and prayers!!


Hi, ro-ses!
Thank you and I'm glad to hear you've been doing lots of exercise!

Walking your dogs is definitely a great idea--I once considered to do this. I have 2 doggos after all, but my neighbours are unkind... when they saw me walking my doggos, they actually complained to me because 'they poop everywhere', 'smelly', etc... even though I'm not at fault. There are lots of other dog owners but they tend to keep them in the house due to this reason so it's really a blessing to hear you have hills to explore!

Thanks again for the support and see you soon!

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My goodness, Chiel o.O This is why I'm thinking to do a health checkup. They say it is recommended to do this once a year. I'm definitely not that healthy. So I'm kinda curious and scared of my condition. Maybe a definite diagnosis can scare me to finally exercise consistently lol

Of course we understand! Health is the number one priority. Please take care of yourself and maybe decrease your target per week. Actually, in following a game development, my only concerns are: (1) is the game still in development? (2) is the developer healthy? I don't really care about when the game will finish 🤷‍♀️ So don't worry about this and please stay healthy!

Edit: I'll drink lots right now wkwkwk

Yes, PangHerHeart, you really should!
Yesterday was the first time I did a medical checkup and well, I was surprised to say the least :'D
But it's better to know now before it's too late, right? And yes lol, I'm scared--they really do scare us to finally exercise and to take care of our bodies better x'D

Thank you for being understanding <3 *huggs
I'll still do my best but it's reassuring to know that you'll always have my back!

You too, please take care of yourself! We often underestimate lots of small things--which will eventually pile up and you'll suddenly find yourself in my shoes QuQ but the doctors said that youngsters these days are often diagnosed with Diabetes/Cholesterol due to drinking coca cola and boba tea daily. I'm actually a rare case with Hyperaggregation :'))

Thanks again and see you soon!

Take care, SweetChiel! Yes, you should sleep early and eat lots of healthy food!!

Thank you, El.Seth!
You too, take care of yourself! The small things we thought unimportant are actually taking effects Q_Q

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Take care! doctors are watching o_o

Thank you, PandaManiac!
rofl they're secretly stalking us x'D