UPDATE 28/6/2021

Morning, guys! How did your week go?
I'm suffering 😂 lol I mean, the first week of exercising is always the hardest, right?
Due to my pitiful stamina, I'm already tired just from jogging around the house for 5 minutes. So I had to alternate between walking and running + wall push-ups. 30-40 minutes of workout later, I'm gasping like a fish out of water x'D

Now, my body is sore all over but it's a good sore... I also started to eat salad and drink 1.5L water every day now (or more)~ do you guys also drink that much every day? OuO don't forget to hydrate yourself and drink less coke/boba tea!

On the other hand, my mom already got her first vaccine!
Funnily enough, her friends kept saying the vaccine is safe, just do it,  don't be afraid, etc...
Well, aunties, if anything happens to me, do you want to take responsibilities? 😂 My mom and I have seen some photos about how a hand got swollen due to blood clotting (negative after effects), which is why I've decided better safe than sorry. Fixing my lifestyle is also not a bad idea, but I guess the aunties just can't help themselves since the covid cases have been increasing lately *thank you for worrying about me~ *bows

Now then, onto Bermuda's progress!

- 7 pages are programmed in! We're inching closer and closer to the climax~
I've made some changes, hopefully the climax is something you wouldn't expect--I think I still need to polish the plot-flow (it feels a bit too fast?) but for now, I'll focus on finishing the branches first! 

Ren'Py also gave me a jumpscare last week :'D
A sudden error popped up called 'possible infinite loop'. I honestly didn't know where this came from, but the game works fine after I refreshed it & closed the other apps. After googling it, I found out that this error can pop up due to overloading ^^;;

It shouldn't be an issue.... well, here's hoping nothing goes wrong! *fingers crossed!

And... that's it! I'm planning to make more special effects + dummy climax CG, but that will have to wait, because I'm not in a great condition right now QuQ All I can say is; fortunately the first week of my 'rehabilitation' doesn't clash with my period x-x 

That's it for now and thank you for reading!
Also, thanks for being here and supporting me through this, my dear readers ^///^



Q&A session part 40! If you have something to ask the bachelors! Please don't hesitate and type away! ^.^)/ 

1. Do any of the boys know how to dance? If so, any in particular they know/enjoy? :> --by: ro-ses

Guntur: "Yeah, I can. Nothing fancy though."

Kahlil: "I gotta say this; Guntur is a better dancer than me. You should see him... he's uncoordinated but wild and very cool looking!"

Guntur: "You're exaggerating. You're also a good dancer yourself!"

Guntur: *whispers* "Just don't be too hyped or your feet will fall victim to Kahlil's 'energetic' stomps. Slow dance is the way."

*Finished with their part, Guntur & Kahlil stared at Arya*

Arya: "Aww, it's adorable that you think I can dance and will probably ask for your hand."

Arya: "Fuck off."

Guntur and Kahlil: *sweats* "........."

Me: *sweats* "That's Arya for you." *facepalms


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Hello Chiel, thank you for your hard work.

Okay, I have read your reply to my review in Discord! Sorry I just left you on read, but I just didn't know what to say. But now I do, please allow me to reply here. It is fun to hear that you liked my review and meme XD Your reply gives me insight a lot to the other side of story creation. I always approach a story inside the shoes of only a reader, with an emphasis on both logic and feelings, being as detailed as I can. But when you talk about "black and white jail uniform instead of orange because you consider the target consumer" or "no CG for Dio to prevent people mistaking him as the 4th bachelor", it opens my mind that I've never considered the thought process from the production side of a creator. Sure, because I'm not you, of course I won't know all of these without you tell me. but this reminds me that while I have consumed stories in any form for over a decade, I don't know more than I always thought I do about a story after all. WELL! That's all! Because the demo review is 4 pages minus the intro, outro, and the meme, let's see how many pages I will write when we finally get to play Bermuda! XD

Oh right, I also got an ask. I will present it as interesting as possible (I hope) tho. Here how it goes:

"Today is the day. I got a challenge for you. PangHerHeart, the challenger today, has the Goddess' power just for this ask to turn anyone who doesn't wanna participate (Arya) into a frog (yes, not even their corresponding spirit animal). If Chiel wishes to, Maya can participate as well. First, all of you, please do rock-paper-scissor or 'hompimpa', whichever you prefer. Then please take note of who wins first, second, third, and last. Okay, here is the challenge: Please choose a person and imitate that person as best as you can. First place can choose first, then second and third. The loser will take whoever left. Okay. That's all. Game on!"

I just realize this is kinda a challenge for Chiel to come up with how this person imitates that person. Teehee. Please just have fun.

You're welcome and again, thank you for writing such a heartfelt review!
I'm glad to be able to give you some insight and I hope it helps with your future plans ^///^ just remember, that even though there are different POV we can consider (consument/producer), the first and foremost important thing is you have fun!

I've noted your question and I think it'll be quite interesting x'D
Look forward to it!


Hello! I've never posted here before, but I read all of your updates! I really enjoyed Legend of the Winged Ones and can't wait for Bermuda Triangle. :) I decided to post today because I was recently in a similar position where I was determined to change my lifestyle and get active, so I was wondering if you have considered trying a full body exercise program. From what I've learned, it's better for you than straight cardio, and I've seen results in my strength and stamina from doing it just three times a week!

I wanted to share with you the program I've been doing with Abby because it's really been working for me and it's nice to have a place to start (but please know that I'm not affiliated with her at all, just a happy customer). Her website has workout plans, an eating guide, and resistance bands to purchase, but you probably want to see if it's something you are even interested in doing first. Her youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbj4Q-3Lesu4a77bnb9MQcA has lots of exercise routines and warmups that you can do for free, at home, and requires little to no equipment. Almost all of the equipment she uses can be substituted for household items, though having a "light" pair of dumbbells (5 lbs) and a "heavy" pair (10-12 lbs) is recommended, and she often provides beginner modifications to each exercise if it's tough. Often, I just do what I can, and work up to the full move over time. For example, she does a split squat that goes all the way to the ground, but that was too tough for me, so I would go halfway or three-quarters of the way, so that I can do all of the reps. Eventually, I was able to go all the way to the ground! It's about finding your pace and what works for you. You can even pair it with some cardio if you want, or do one of her cardio workouts. Also, I'm not into social media, but if you are, she posts pretty good recipes from time to time that are both healthy and delicious.

Anyway, sorry for the long post, but since I was struggling for so long to find something that worked for me, I just like to share with others a "starting point" that might work for them, too. Maybe it won't, and that's okay. You have to find what works for you! I really hope you achieve success and wish you luck in your new journey! And also congratulations on your coming wedding! I'll go back to quietly reading your updates, but know that I am cheering for you, your fitness journey, your happiness, and your game's completion. :)

Hi, scriptomancer!
I'm really glad and shy to hear you've read all of my updates >///<

I've seen the videos you recommended and I have to say, I'm intrigued! I have too look up what 'cardio' means though because I'm a complete newbie with workout plans x'D 
However, I'll definitely try them out! ...except the full split, because I've tried that and nope, my legs are too stiff for that rofl. After browsing her videos, I think... I'll start with the 30 minutes Full Body Workout? o.o Then, once I'm comfortable with it, I'll switch with the 35 minutes one!

I'm really happy with your recommendation, especially when it works for you ^///^
Oh and don't worry about long posts! I really enjoy reading them and I can feel the love you've poured into it <3 I'm just really sorry that I always reply late Q_Q

Thank you for the warm support and please know that I really appreciate you being here :'D
I really needed that because honestly, while I'm determined to change my lifestyle, it's easier said than done.

Welp, let's continue to cheer on each other and achieve a great fitness journey for a better health!
Thanks again and I hope to see you around!




Hi, Aleeexxa!
Glad to see you enjoyed the Q&A session! x'D

LOLLL I always forget how rude Arya can get -u-“ well jokes on him because I’m never afraid to ask and persist for a mans hand when I want to dance ;) but glad to know Guntur and Kahlil won’t let me down ^-^

But I remember when I first started taking walks again after months without any real exercise, i was out of breath within minutes LOL but of course it just takes time and I’m starting to sprint up hills to better my stamina now! I hope you aren’t overexerting yourself so soon :( but keep cool! It’s getting dangerously hot in the USA, how is the weather there? :)

The climax sounds exciting! Cant wait to read it when the games comes ^^


You go, girl! Don't take what Arya said to heart, if you ask me, I can translate it to "I can't dance so don't even think about asking me out"--he's using thorns to hide his weaknesses😂

I'm glad to hear you like the answer and I'm delighted to hear you'll persist against the storm called 'Arya'! X"D

And... OMG, look at how far you've come! Sprinting up a hill? O_o; I'm sweating just imagining it x"D I still have a long way to go but thank you for the encouragement ~<3 the weather is weird over here. It should be summer but it's raining often? x_x it's a hot rain tho--and yep! We should keep ourselves cool and never overexert! Drink lots of water is key! >:)

As always, thank you for being here and watching my back, ro-ses ^\\\^ I really mean it when I say you make my day brighter~

Hope to see you around!