UPDATE 3/12/2018!

Hi guys!

Last week was so-so :'S

I wanted to relax and watch comedies/movies but my internet has been really sucks -I can't even watch videos from youtube anymore T_T 

*Sigh* my contract with the current internet is until August so I would have to bear with it before I could look for other company. I just hope my mom would be patient with me since I often borrowed her phone for its wifi x'D

I'm still not fully recovered from writing 12k+ words in a week, but no worries, I will sit back and relax whenever I can get my hands on my mom's wifi hahah

Anyways! I wrote 5k+ words last week! (small events up to day 21 + 1 big event are finished, waiting to be polished/edited)

We're finally on day 21 in the Autumn Village and we only have 1 big event left to write.

The only problem is this big event is reaaaaally long because it includes 3 branches + post-big event's event so this might take a while.

Oh and I've also been bothering my proofreaders with an alternative scene in chapter 3 part 3 >< it still needs some small polishing.

No sneak peek for today, but I'll tell you a fun fact about a background for next week! (It's been a while, yes?)

You can even pick which background you want to know more about!

1. If you want to know more about the references I used for the Ruins in summer forest, vote for 'This is awesome' here in my indiegogo's latest update.

2. If you want to know more about the references I used for Maya's house, vote for 'Thanks for sharing' here in my indiegogo's latest update.

That's it for now and see ya next week!


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<3<3<3 May I ask who your inspiration is when writing romance stories? :-)


Hmm now that's a hard question x'D
I read a lot of fantasy romances, but if you ask me which one is my favourite, that would be 'Koibito no Ryuu' by paws-bells! However, I also read a lot of fanfictions, especially Inuyasha. That's where my interest about Mythical beasts/Legendary monsters started. It got intensified by Narnia, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, etc -so yeah, all of that inspire me to make an original (or at least I tried x'D)

I see! I thought it came from a personal experience ;-) hahah

To call it personal experience is a no-no since I didn't come to narnia personally :")) *I wish

Awwee too bad!