UPDATE 2/8/2021!

Morning, guys! How did your week go?
Mine was so-so, I pulled a muscle during one of my exercise session so I took a little break :'))

I did some decent progress with Bermuda though!
I experimented with numerous special effects and after some thought, I've decided that 'simple is the best'! Too much special effects can easily make us lose focus, and while it's simple, I think it should be grand enough? OuO;

I will post a sample of the special effect for my $5 patrons on Patreon.
I need to hear your thoughts but please bear in mind that it's a mild spoiler!

On the other hand, 20 pages are programmed in!
Most of it are me, polishing the Good Endings. Take this with a grain of salt though, because I haven't programmed in the sprites/CGs ^^;
Why haven't I programmed in the sprites you ask? Because I'm planning to make a new outfit for Maya and the bachelors for the epilogue!

I also adjusted some backgrounds to be used for the climax/conclusion scene \(-^.^-)/
Lastly, I managed to find the perfect BGM for the ending! It really makes a difference so I'm really happy with that! *happydance

I think that's it for now. We're getting closer to the beta testing QuQ
There are still lots of things for me to do, but I can't help but to feel a little emotional.

As always, thanks for reading and see you again next week!



Q&A session part 45! If you have something to ask the bachelors! Please don't hesitate and type away! ^.^)/ 

1. Which of the guys would be more comfortable as a small spoon, big spoon or both? -- by:tekkonkinkreet

Guntur: "Big spoon. I'm too big to become a small spoon."

Kahlil: "I don't mind either way. The important thing is that we're sharing warmth with our loved one~"

Arya: "...What do you mean with big spoon and small spoon?"

Kahlil: *gasp* "You don't know?"

Guntur: "Heh, he is more innocent than I thought."

*After some explanation*

Arya: *with red-tipped ears* "Big spoon!"

2. How would the boys react if Maya blew to their ear? by: PangHerHeart

Situation: dating


Maya: *blows Kahlil's ear*

Kahlil: "Hahaha! That tickles! Come here, you!"

Maya: "No! Stop! I'm ticklish!"


Maya: *blows Guntur's ear*

Guntur: "Say no more." *pounces Maya*

Maya: "...??? I didn't say anything though--mmph!" 


Maya: *blows Arya's ear*

Arya: "Stop it."

Maya: *blows his ear again*

Arya: "......"

Maya: *persistently blows his ear*

Arya: "Alright. You fucking asked for it."

Maya: "Arya? No! Wait--hahahahahaha! Mercy! Ow! Don't bite me!"


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Yay 15 pages left for chapter 6! I remember when you first the chapter, time flies :) It sounds like there's so much outfit and sprite variation in this game that you've implemented so far, I can't wait to see them!

As a small person who enjoys being a big spoon, I think Guntur and Arya are missing out LMAO While I'm not able to cuddle their whole body, cradling their head is comforting XD they should try it <3

I hope your week has been productive and healthy! :)

Hi, ro-ses!
Yep, we're still not quite there yet, but we've come a long way! QuQ
I hope the beta test can start at the end of August, but I can't say for sure when since I have lots of CGs and new outfit to make! Not to mention the mini-encyclopedia that I haven't touched :')) I hope you still have the patience to wait *puppy eyes

D'awww... now that you mention it, getting someone to cradle your head sounds really nice and comforting <3
Now you're getting ideas in my head x'D

Last week was... I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you this time Q_Q I got distracted by a lot of things--I'll tell you more through the update!

Alright, time for my question. Let's say that (in the relationship stage) Maya and the chosen LI are cuddling, then she goes to whisper in his ear and says "THIS IS MY SWAMP" quoting Shrek. How would the LIs react?

Hi, tekkonkinkreet!
You always have the most interesting questions x'D
I might have to google 'this is my swamp' first though--I mean, Shrek is not really popular in my country so don't be surprised if most of the bachelors didn't get it :'))


Keep up the good works, and be sure to remember to take breaks regularly. Sorry to hear about the muscle pulling. hope you recover quickly, and don't overdo it ^_^

Big spoon little spoon... Arya glad he wears a mask once he understands! bet it takes a bit of focusing on other things to calm down... up until Kahlil brings it up again. probably in the form of a bad spoon joke. the giggle fits are real! my husband is lookin at me like I've gone off the deep end.

Guntur definitely too big to be the little spoon, but the image is still cute! if not a tiny bit awkward.

can see Kahlil being a sandwich more than a spoon. definitely the snuggly filling in the sandwich! kinda made me imagine them sleep piling like the croods, except it would be giant Arya wolf curled up with Maya, Kahlil, and Gunter snuggled up.

the ear blowing made me giggle. there is much pouncing; and apparently Arya is a nibblybiter... that's good to know, but he should be prepared to be bitten in turn... just saying XD

I love Kahlil's personality. He's a lot like me in some ways, so I can't help, but see him as a button pusher. especially since Arya is my favorite type of person to push buttons on. something wholely satisfying about pushing the buttons of the prickly ones... until they have to take action, and then it's time to run away giggling madly!


As always, thanks for dropping by, Tathalia!

I'm glad the Q&A session made you giggle x'D
You're right about Kahlil though! He won't let this go anytime soon lol, much to Arya's annoyance and dismay, pfft. And yes! He's definitely the snuggly type! The one who likes to say 'Make space!' and fit himself between two people. It doesn't matter if the bed is already overflowing, you have to make space for him!

Oh and don't worry, Arya is prepared to be bitten back. Just... just make sure you're ready to take responsibilities x'D there are consequences~

Your last sentence made me laugh! It's definitely what Kahlil would do and I can imagine both of you doing it for fun/just to annoy your friends rofl, your comments never failed to make my day brighter so thank you for that ^///^

Here's hoping you had a great week!
Stay hydrated!