UPDATE 16/8/2021!

Morning, guys! What's up?
I hope all of you are healthy and having fun, because I am!
I have something to say regarding my plans for this week, but let's see what progress we made  first, shall we? OuO

- Little progress on polishing Bermuda's ending scene. 
Like a reluctant parent wanting to send off her child but cannot just yet, I'm a little stuck on the ending scene >_<;
It feels a little long-winded, so I'm still thinking about how should I go with it/how I should I end it. The time gap between the ending and epilogue also feels a bit too large--please bear with me as I slowly work through this ^^; can this be considered a writer's block?

On the other hand, I made LOTS of progress with Chapter 6's CGs!
- 2 Group Event CGs (clean lineart phase). 1 CG has 4 people and the other one has 8 people in it! If you ask me which CGs gave me the most headache, it's definitely these two. The composition... the point of view/perspective... but in the end, I'm very pleased with the result! It feels great to get them off my chest! *happydance*
- 1 Antagonist CG (rough lineart). This one turned out better than I expected O_O)b I hope I can nail the expression!
- 2 Bad Endings (Arya & Guntur, very, VERY rough sketch. Might revise later). The bad endings CGs are a bit... complicated. Guntur's the easiest one, but Arya and Kahlil? Hmm... I'm afraid I must look for more references before finalizing them ><

Honestly speaking, drawing linearts and coloring the basic colors took more time than the shading itself, which is why I'm very happy ^///^
For Superbackers Tabetha and Livia, please check your emails! The Group Event CG of 8 people includes your OC so I'm giving you a special privilege to see the lineart ;)

As for the others, don't worry! You guys also get a sneak peek:

Arya represents 10% of the CG and he's such a mood x'D
I wonder what the others are doing for him to make such a gesture? *Hint: Hot Spring*

Last but not least, I have an announcement to make:
18th of August is my birthday, therefore, I'm going to take a little break! \(^.^)/
I wanted to get away from my laptop for a bit. Clearing my head, catching a movie or two, reading novels I've put on hold... You know, refreshing my mind. However, this means there could be little to no progress next week so I'll apologize in advance m(_ _)m *bows*

Welp, that's it for now and see you guys next week!
Don't forget to drink lots of water and don't skip your meals!



Q&A session part 47! If you have something to ask the bachelors! Please don't hesitate and type away! ^.^)/ 

1. Do they have any weird or specific turn offs in potential love interests?-- by: ro-ses

Guntur: "Nothing weird. I just don't like it if they're picky about their food or leaving leftovers."

Guntur: "I mean, I'd rather have them give me their food to finish than leaving it to waste."

Kahlil: "Yeah, well... there's this one time where someone tells me how to dress and even to cut my hair."

Kahlil: "It feels like they're trying to turn me into their accessory or something. I don't like that. At all."

Arya: "Yes, if they have some high expectations or have a problem with how I talk, they can fuck off."

Arya: "If you can't already tell, I don't give a flying fuck about what others think of me. Either take it or leave it. I won't mold myself to their 'standards'."

2. Do you believe in true love or soulmates? why or why not? --by: LainyBug

Kahlil: "Of course! I believe there's someone for me out there, waiting to be discovered... or maybe I already did."

Guntur: "...I haven't really thought about it."

Guntur: "My circumstances is not really the best and life is already hard enough. Whether I believe in it or not, I don't think I want to involve someone in it."

Guntur: "If things could change and I meet someone I really like, maybe then, I can pursue this 'true love'."

Arya: "True love? Soulmates?" *snorts* "Before all that, can you see me loving someone?"

Arya: "It's unthinkable to put another person's needs before me. Look, I already have my hands full with my fucking problems. True love or whatnot can go back to wherever it came from."

Arya: "And you think love is beautiful? Guess what?" *Arya points to his laptop* "Now thatis beautiful. That is beauty right there. More beautiful than your baby for sure."

P.S. I quoted someone for Arya's last sentence x'D Can you guess from who/where?


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happy late birthday! I hope it was a good one! just wanted to say I was so happy to play your first game in the Nusantara world. Its to this day one of my favorites because of the characters, plot for each story line and the outfits and cant wait to play this one! keep up the good work!

Thanks, ZeaZeala! Last week was a blast--both in a good and bad way 😂 so many things happened! I'll let you know in the next update/emergency update

I'm late to say it but Happy Birthday I hope it was good one!

Hi, PandaManiac!
Thanks for dropping by and for the wishes <3 I'm having the time of my life x'D


Happy belated birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful and fun break full of rest :) what did you end up doing for that day? ^-^

I like that the antagonist is kept really secretive LOL most visual novels I play with secret routes are usually like open secrets if that makes sense? But it’s like a surprise we gotta wait for until the release! I’m personally a huge fan of “tall, dark, and handsome” trope so I cant wait !!! >///<

Also whoever told Kahlil to cut his hair is evil LMAO long hair on men is my fav and is so handsome on them :’) 


Hi, ro-ses!
I had an awesome break and happy news: I ended up finding more references for Bermuda x'D
I'm crossing my fingers that you'll like the Antagonist ><; he can be a little too much--I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts later! 

And I agree! It's hard to find men looking good with long hair--they should be protected! They're endangered species! Q_Q

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

Hi, scriptomancer! 
I had a beautiful birthday and vacation~ thank you for visiting <3

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hi, just seen this devlog when i clicked devlog, just want to say it's "because I am" not "because I do" in the second line, might want to fix it

Anyways wish you a happy birthday!

Hi, potatoAvocado!
Thanks for the birthday wishes and yes, I fixed it! x'D
Sorry for that--one or two mistakes often slipped out of my radar :')) *preparing myself for when beta test is open. I'm sure lots of grammar mistakes are there*


Hello Chiel! Thank you for your hard work! Well, from your greetings now I realize that you write updates from morning til night, depends on the circumstances XD

Oh my God. It is your birthday already? Happy early birthday! Let's slack off on birthdays!! >.<)/ I've officially wished you happy birthday three times now hehehe How fast time flew kinda fucked me up tho.

I'm so excited for our mysterious antagonist here! *.* AAAAAAH... AND BAD ENDING!! I'm a girl who likes chaos apparently. Only in fiction tho XD That's the beauty of fiction stories... And the beauty of the German language: Schadenfreude (look it up if you don't know it). I love this word a lot because it pretty much sums me up when reading fiction in the tragedy genre, [even though of course I feel pain and enjoy it (masochism-but-not-really)].

Based on Arya's face, I'm guessing Kahlil is doing stupid thi-- Wait, but he can't see that (no offense, Arya)... Hmm. I actually don't know. Maybe he hears Kahlil doing stupid things in the hot spring, whatever it is, and Guntur indulges Kahlil lol...

About turn-offs, I agree picky eater can be really annoying since I respect food. I always eat all of my food. I can eat veggies! (So, don't worry, Guntur!) And you look great as you are now, Kahlil. I will fight anyone who told you that. And Arya............... So... we can't be friends then? TT_TT Nooo, I have nothing against potty mouth. I have a potty mouth too sometimes T_T But, potty mouth doesn't always equal rude, and Arya, you are a rude Karen sometimes.................. hahaha You were quite a Karen when you met Maya for the very first time and ajfhlrkgoweif Oh well, I hope Maya can stand you at least, since she's the one who will be dating you all, not me... And I don't know what you are referencing with that quote, Arya. I've googled it without result lol... And Guntur, about all that talk about "the one", you want to talk? T_T

Hi, PangHerHeart!
Let's slack off indeed! Thank you for dropping by and for the greeting <3 *hugg

The people here seems to like the bad endings x'D I guess I don't have to worry then lol
But I get it! I didn't like tragedy because they always make me cry--but somehow, I always return for more rofl. 

Good guess with the hot spring event, but you're wrong this time~
Someone is doing something stupid but for once, it's not Kahlil! Look forward to it and I hope you have a good laugh OuO)b

I agree, writing Arya can sometimes be painful :')) I don't want to, but Arya is being Arya and I can't exactly prevent it OTL but don't worry, Maya is not a pushover! imo, they have the greatest relationship development compared to the other two--which is why I will advice you to do his route last xD

As for him quoting who, here, let me give you a link!
Don't be too surprised okay? This is just for fun and I think this person who I'm going to show you is as sassy as Arya x'D


Last but not least, good luck with Guntur!