UPDATE 13/9/2021

Hi guys! What's up?
How did your week go? Mine was depressing... because I was making sad end CGs ๐Ÿ˜‚

They took longer than I thought so I wasn't able to finish as much this time QuQ

- Finished Guntur's sad end CGs! It consists of CG A, B, & (maybe) C. The original  sketch was revised  1 time, with B and C playing the role of secondary CGs. As usual the lineart and basic coloring took the longest time. The end result is quite satisfying but I think I will polish the overall mood later ><
- Ongoing Progress on Arya's sad end CGs! I've finished CG A and B's lineart, but basic coloring is only 50% done on CG B. I might have to make another secondary CG for Arya's sad end. Nothing too grand, but just enough to enhance the flavor~

Arya's sad ending sketch got revised 3 times, partly because his wolf form is too big so the composition to fit his face in a close up is tricky ๐Ÿ˜‚ Even now, I'm still in a dilemma whether the current composition is the best or not. I will return to this CG later.

My plan for this week is to sketch Kahlil's sad end CG and finish up the rest! 
For my $5 and up patrons on Patreon, I will give you a sneak peek of Guntur's sad end CG + what kind of revision I usually do. This should be considered a mild spoiler? I think it's fine, right? @@ 

Please tell me your thoughts about whether I should release this spoiler next week or not x'D

That said, here's hoping for another productive week!
Drink lots of water and stay healthy, guys!



Q&A session part 50! If you have something to ask the bachelors! Please don't hesitate and type away! ^.^)/ 

1. Once the boys are in a relationship with Maya, what is their favorite thing about her? -- by: Lainybug


Kahlil: "Oh, where do I start--she's a fun company to begin with and she likes my jokes!"

Kahlil: "She listens to me. Like, really listening. I also love it when we laugh together. She has a pretty smile." *blush*


Guntur: "My favorite thing? I can feed her lots of experimental food."

Guntur: "Haha, jokes aside, she's a strong woman. She works hard, knows about hardship, and even if it took her a while to become not afraid of me, I like it when she's there to set me straight and tells me off when I drink too much... I tend to be an idiot when I'm drunk."


Arya: "...As much as I hate to admit it, life becomes easier now that I'm with her."

Arya: "She reminds me to eat and drink my supplements. Yes, fucking supplements. She said I'm too thin! The nerve!"

Arya: "Anyways, there are less annoying people to deal now with her beside me. She handles all the talking."

2. Which of the guys are virgins, if any at all? --by: tekkonkinkreet

Arya: "...I'm fucking using my right to stay silent."

Guntur: "Why do you ask? Want to test drive?" *wiggles his eyebrows*

Guntur: "It's usually rude to ask, but I'm fine with it. Kahlil here might not think the same tho--"

Kahlil: *blushes furiously* "--NO!!! Don't listen to him! He's speaking nonsense!"

*Kahlil hurriedly dragged Guntur and Arya away in order to avoid answering this question*


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I bet drawing the sad CG's would be hard, whenever I play VNs it's hard enough when you get them, let alone when you are writing them and have to draw them as well! 

aweeee their answers about Maya were so cute! Thank you as always for answering and for the update ^^

You're welcome, LainyBug!
And yeah, I tend to delve too deep into the mood ><;
But like Tathalia said, it's a necessary evil! Thanks for being here for me though ^///^


okay.. so... Arya is a virgin. Confirmed!

Guntur is NOT, or really good at covering it XD

Kahlil.... Kahlil seems to be the least likely to be a virgin, but is probably actually a virgin. thus the running away XD

sad endings are sad, but a nescesary evil! imagine Kahlil dressed up as a sparkly unicorn complete with glittery tutu for a pick-me-up.

Anyways.... glad to hear progress! remember breaks, and healthiness though. no overworkings ^_^

I... Kahlil dressed up as sparkly unicorn with glittery tutu...
Pfft--Hahahahahahahaha! Oh dear, thanks, Tathalia, you just made my day!

No comment to the bachelors' status tho, they'll get angry at me if I reveal anything, especially Kahlil xD