UPDATE 4/9/2018!

Hey guys!

How did your week go? Mine was so-so u.u

Aside from writing 5k+ words, I did more polishing in Chapter 4 part 1!

The branching is still in progress with 2 small events left for each bachelor. After that, we're going to be officially finished with the Autumn Village arc! x'D *Wheeee~!

I really can't wait to write Spring Village arc but we'll have to go through Winter arc first >_< 

To be honest, I'm surprised the story is this long -I mean, I know it's going to be much longer than Winged Ones, but it still surprised me that we already reached 150k+ words! :')) 

We're halfway there guys! Let's keep it strong! >.<)/ All that's left is Winter Arc, Spring Arc, and then the Antagonist route! *happydance*

On the other hand, Kiara's operation is postponed to 12th April. I will try to finish the Autumn arc by then so I can focus nursing her!

Also, sneak peek of last week's Kahlil sprites development will be available for my Tier 2 patrons now! I added a bonus picture on the post so check it out ~

Link to my Patreon: click here

That's it for now and see you next week guys!


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Yay! I love you SweetChiel! <3 Thanks for the hard work~ I'm really looking forward to romance stories so cute <3 hihi lol Can't believe there's 150k++ words :o 


Hi yohanlove! Thanks for dropping by -and yes! Love you too my dear and you're welcome! We're halfway through our long journey ~ :'3