UPDATE 4/16/2018!

Hey guys! What's up?

Last week I was quite productive!

Tadaaa~! The last two branching is finished!

It's quite longer than I thought it would be. Oh, I also added another event for the main story. They all scored 9k+ words! 

I still need to add a closer paragraph -but hey! We're just a step away from finishing Autumn arc! x'D Might as well count it as finished! *happydance*

Proofreaders! I'll come to you in a few days!


Meanwhile, Kiara's operation delayed yet again until 15th April.

Yup, she's just finished the operation yesterday morning.

I can't show you the incision since it's covered with primapore (a band-aid, but bigger).

Kiara was sluggish after the operation and grumpy too :')) I kept worrying over her since she moves slowly, hesitated to sit/lay down, and when she DID lay down, she can't stay still and changed positions very often.

I worry that her incision might get stretched from all the frictions she made from changing positions -BUT!

Today, she's a lot happier than yesterday. Heck, she jumped and went all playful on Juno, almost making me have a heart-attack (._.;) I guess this means it healed properly? I'll definitely keep watch over her for now though. Checking if her tummy is hot or not, eat her medicine, etc.

But overall, I'm glad the operation is a success & she's doing well! Credits to the kind & swift doctor! The operation was less than an hour!

And so, I hope you'll forgive me if there's little progress next week >< See you again, my dear readers!


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aww it's tough to be a pup mum :3