UPDATE 15/11/2021! Beta Test in Progress!

Hey, guys! What's up?
I hope you guys had a great week!

Here's a special shout-out to my Beta Testers and main Proofreader, KiiAnima for being awesome ;)
We're going to be busy, and here's a list of what I'm planning to do this week:

- On-going preparation for the Antagonist Route! I need to do some research before I start programming his route. For example; remember when I said the Antagonist Route will only open once you've found all 3 main bachelors' happy endings? On top of that, I want to change the main menu's background, just to notify you that the Antagonist Route is now available. This involves a system that I'll need to test through trials & errors >< Depending on the result, I might need to find an alternative.

- Managing the Beta Test. I will be very active during this time to read comments/reports regarding Bermuda Beta Test version 1.3. So don't hesitate to reach out to me if you found a plothole/bugs! ^.^)/

- Managing the Proofreading. I'm ready to get scolded by my proofreader x'D 

- Regarding Early Bird PayPal Package/Pledge. I will close this package in a week, so grab this while you can~

Last but not least, I found myself being asked this question quite often, so let me put the answer here:
"Can I register as a Beta Tester?" Unfortunately, the Beta Test is only open for Indiegogo backers/older patrons on Patreon who have pledged for at least for two months. It is considered an exclusive right and I'm afraid it will be unfair if I give it to new patrons right away ><

Welp, I guess that's it for now?
On a lighter note, I'm also planning to take some rest for a couple of days because I sprained my left shoulder 😂
I think it was because I slept in the wrong way/position last night? It hurts when I lift it, but I can still type/reply to your comments so no biggie!

Thanks again for reading and I'll see you next week <3



The author is taking a break from Q&A session due to having so many private message to reply~


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Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be a beta tester ;u; is there a loose deadline you want notes/corrections? I’m currently close to my finals, but I would love to give my input when I have the free time to devote myself to this game XD 


Hi, ro-ses! 

There is no set deadline so you can take your time and focus on your finals first! OuO)b The game isn't going anywhere and I'll be here if you need me/have any question so rest assured!

I'm already glad to see your enthusiasm >\\\< Good  luck with school but don't forget to rest plenty and don't skip your meals! 




I am unable to open your file (app) on my MacOS.
Don't know 'cuz it's not accepted for Mac? Only Windows?

Or am I doing something wrong? -_- 


Hi, Stephanieex1!
Someone else also encountered this problem and I think it's because your macOS detected this as 'foreign file' and automatically closes it. You'll have to go to Security to allow it to open/run the program :'3

I hope this helps! But if the problem persists, I can only suggest you try to play with windows/linux Q_Q

Hi SweetChiel! :)

Thank you for the update. ;)

And much more thanks for the beta test. You are aware that you have beautified my weekend extremely?! ";) Well ... Finally I saw Arya without his mask. He now smiles handsome on my mobile phone screen. XD

All I have noticed so far, I have written down diligently. XD
(Or I did screenshots to make it easier for you.)

I write a mail as soon as I find time. ;)

<3 Yanonako

Yanonako, did you just fly through the game and straight into Arya's Good End?? 

If yes, wow, you're the first person to complete it! Congratulations! x'D
I look forward to your email and hear your thoughts!


Well ... I would not say that I flew through the game.
But if I am interested (which I'm definitely here), then I can not stop "reading". XD

But yes, yesterday I finished Arya's route.
By the way, I like the last CG totally. ;)

I just see that some bugs I have also found are already in your list.
I should look at it before I write you. You do not have to check everything twice. ;)

<3 Yanonako