UPDATE 4/23/2018!

Wooooot! Hi guys! Today, I'm very happy to tell you that Kiara recovered from the spay really well --though I'm beat from her antiques x_x;

Look! The incision has faded now and I'm so glad it's finally safe for her to play and run.

I really can't take my eyes off her for a minute last week -literally.

Three days after the primapore (super big band-aid) is off, we went to the vet again to change it into a simple bandage and Hypafix (soft, comforting adhesive type) while checking it for signs of infection at the same time.

Aside from the good recovery, guess what? The bandage came off right after we go home when I left her for a minute to change my jeans into pants =_=;

My mom ended up calling the doctor to buy bandages and the salve from the nearest pharmacy.

At that time, I have to scold her whenever she ran, jumped on the couch, and fend off Juno when he tried to sniff/lick it. I wish I could separate them for a week, but Juno would scream like I'm murdering him whenever I put him into my room alone. It's really like taking care of two brats last week, I dunno whether to laugh or cry :'D

Who said huskies became passive/more submissive after spaying? My little lady only became more hyper :')) 

When it's eating time, I need took off her cone else she can't eat. Kiara ate reeeaaally slowly so I had to feed her by hand many times :'D The good thing is that Kiara is very cooperative if it's about feeding her medicine.

Kiara is also a messy eater and sloppy drinker, so I had to wipe the floor everytime she messed up or she would lay down spread eagle on it and the bandage would be wet =_=; ...Anyways, despite my efforts, bandage still became dirty after 1-2 days so I changed it often.

I'm really, really happy that it's over with and thankful that there are no complexions like; infections, she doesn't want to eat, her pee is mixed with blood, she's having difficulty to poop, etc.

Sadly, with so much time preoccupied with my little patient, I have little time to write x_x I did finished off Chapter 4 part 1 though!

I added around... 1,6k+ words for the closing paragraph. I also did a little polishing, but it's not much.

I'm planning to catch my sleep this week while I  send off Chapter 4 part 1 to my proofreaders after checking it for one final time ---but YESH! I'm really happy we're entering the Winter arc! It's still branching into three ways, but it should be shorter than the Autumn arc!

I hope your week was not as tiring as mine x'D sorry if I rambled a lot about Kiara, but my pups are my precious and almost like my own children irl.

That's it for now and see you later! xoxo,


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It's gotta be a huge relief to see your "child" better again, and I'm impressed she's cooperative about taking medicine! Such a good girl :) 

Seems like you had a very long week haha I'm glad Kiara is ok and things are going fine now ^^'

Yes! I'm so relieved it's done and over with! She can finally run and jump around without scaring me :") I'm sure she's tired of me screaming in horror lol. 

Thank you for visiting!

kiara:  just being a goofy little doggo
kiara: wonders what's wrong

XD XD #moonmoonhuskies

lol that's the story of my life last week X'D

Kiara had the guts to stare at me whenever I scolded her as if she was being wronged (or sometimes even ignored me and threw away her face!) 

She's definitely more active these days!

lol, huskies are such derps. #moonmoon


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Yup! Kiara is becoming one :"))

Slowly but surely every Monday! X'D thank you for visiting!


...pardon the language, I could not withhold my enthusiasm. heheh