UPDATE 12/6/2021!

Hey, guys! What's up?
Holiday season is coming but before that, let us wish good luck for those who are still in school/college!
The exams are still ongoing over here but it should be their last hurdle before sweet holiday~

Has it started snowing over there? It's only raining here, but I swear, I'll touch real snow someday and make a snowman out of it! x'D

Work is going well though!
I've started programming the antagonist's route and while it's a little tricky (because it's still somewhat connected with the main routes), I think I'll be fine!

So far, I've programmed in 22 pages and had to re-make 5 images just for the starting scenes.
It's not anything major, but at the very least, I'll make sure for you to encounter new elements once in a while so you won't get bored OuO)b

The programming will be a bit on the slow side, since I need to polish some scenes... and maybe delete a few x-x
When I re-read the script, a few scenes seemed to be out of place so I need to do something about it--maybe I should meditate and hopefully, get better ideas on how I can make them better lol.

On a less serious note, I went to Hoyofest in Jakarta!
Basically, it's a cafe collaboration event with Mihoyo, featuring my favorite mobile game, Genshin Impact. It wasn't smooth-sailing though.
I queued early in the morning with my fiance, only to find out they're only serving those without reservations at 4 PM (the reservations are all booked and I didn't get one QuQ). My fiance was not amused that he had to wait for 7 hours just to get the free goodies lol. He wasn't a big fan of Genshin Impact, so he's really just there for me >///<

The next day, my legs and back got really sore from all the standing and walking x'D
I really need to step up my exercise and get fit!

Welp, I guess that's it for now and see you again next week!
Take care and don't skip your meals!



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