UPDATE 06/19/2017

It's Monday & I'm happy to say that last week was pretty smooth! 

What I did last week:
- Finished 3 creatures sprites
- Finished 1 background for winter 

- Chapter 3 part 1 progress: 4311 words, don't mind the pages, I promise it's only the spacing x'D

I'm in the process of getting my muse back while collecting materials at the same time. If I have to summarize the plot points, they would be: 
- Summer 1
- Summer 2
- Autumn
- Winter
- Spring
- Climax 1 
- Climax 2 
Currently, we're in Summer 1 with a prediction of Spring, Climax 1, & Climax 2 being the longest chapters.

Meanwhile, the SuperBackers are doing a great progress with the early concept for their cameo OCs! I'm very excited to work with their characters next month! I still have a few minor character sprites to make, so next month will be the time where I focus on SuperBackers, minor sprites, & a little writing OuO 

Oh and here's today's sneak peek; the lake in the autumn area.

This background is the one I revised last week.
I will post the full view next week, but my $5 patrons will get to see it today ^.^- 

Hopefully, things will stay smooth next week! 


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