UPDATE 12/13/2021!

Morning, guys! What's up?
Have you decorated your christmas tree? I'm lowkey celebrating it with my mom :'3

With that said, here's what I did last week!
- Programmed in 13 pages! I know it's a bit lacking compared to last week, but I have a reason for this besides feeling a little under the weather/holiday season! 

- Fixed a few bugs on Day 193 Arya's route! (Double sprite, wrong name, wrong description) Thanks to Caitlin Ingibiorg! When I thought I've found them all, there's always something I missed x'D I bet there's more--I'll keep an eye on it and try my best to locate each one of them, but please bear with me if I still miss some :'D

- Fixed the blurry sprites! (Mom, Dad, and Mawar) A lot of you have made me notice this issue. It took me a while to change the setting of the sprites & reprogram them, but there you go!

The sprites may look smaller than before, but they should look sharper now!
I really need to find a better way on how to render HD png images with small file size ^^; or maybe I should use bigger resolution for my next project...

Anyways, the antagonist route progress is quite smooth! I still have to polish some scenes but it's all good!

Hmm, I think that's the last of it? As always, thank you for reading -^.^)/
Take care and enjoy your holiday! Cheers! 



The author is taking a break from Q&A session due to being busy preparing for christmas ~


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I hope you have an amazing Christmas! I also have some questions for the bachelors incase they haven't already been asked

1. How would the bachelors react to Maya being in labour during pregnancy? 

2. How often do the bachelors shower? 

3. Their reaction to Maya getting injured ( I suppose this might be answered in the game but asking anyway incase It doesn't )

Hi, ColdCore!
Merry early Christmas and thanks for dropping by!
Wow, thanks for submitting some questions for the bachelors! I'm definitely taking notes and if no one else submitted, I'll answer them one by one ;)



Merry Early Christmas! It's amazing how far you progressed already, keep up the great work and stay safe!

Have a great Christmas!

You too, Shiawase!
Happy early Christmas! ^///^)/


Stay safe, have a wonderful Christmas, and keep up w/ your health and stuffs. ^^


Hi, Seraiden!
You too, I hope you stay safe and having a blast! Happy early Christmas and enjoy your vacation <3