UPDATE 4/30/2018!

Hey, guys! What's up? :3

Wooooot! I'm still happy that we're done with Winter Arc >////<

We're halfway there, guys! 

As a reminder, I only need to write: Winter Arc, Spring Arc, & Antagonist Route before I get to CG & Programming. We've come this far, so I'm sure we could do this all the way to the end >:3

Last week, I started to write Chapter 4 part 2 (Winter Arc):

It's not much, 2,8k+ words >< as always, my muse is having a slow start so nothing new here, except that I made some changes in Chapter 4 part 1 -and Oh! I've sent it to my proofreaders so they'll be busy for some time ;)

Meanwhile, I've found some good references for some backgrounds in Spring village that I'm not completely satisfied with. I will probably polish some backgrounds later while making the CGs.

Hmm, it's been a while since I show you any sneak peeks, so here's a little something:

This is the music I'll use for the overall Autumn area. 

And before you ask, yes, I have Alcaknight's permission to use her musics for Bermuda ;) If you're curious, about what other music I would use, go to her page and guess which music I've chosen from her!

Alright, That's it for now and see ya next week!


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Beautiful! Love the music <3 Would love to be your friend in real life :)

Thanks, yohanlove!

Actually, you can befriend me on facebook if you want to x')

I'm really active on facebook messenger, but I might reply late if I'm busy :S 
See ya around!