UPDATE 5/7/2018!

Hi, guys, how's your week?

Mine turned out bad this time :(

I've been trusting the wrong person for since last year and I just found out about it today *sigh*

I decided to let it go since the guy won't admit that he's wrong (the kind that can't accept critiques to become better). It's a bit depressing, but oh well, things happened. 

Anyways, the script has progressed!

I wrote 3,1k+ words last week! Yes, I know, my muse is having a slow start >< but the Winter Arc is already at Day 12. I did tell you that Winter Arc would be much shorter than Autumn Arc, didn't I? x'D

The're mostly small scenes, but the pace will slow down around Day 14 or 15 tho. I still to need to write around... 1 and 1/2 scenes before I entered the big scenes. Two important things will happen here.

On the other hand... Have you watched Avenger: Infinity War? I wanted to give it a try, but there's so much spoiler and meme going around facebook :'))

One of it is a meme like this:

Thanos >>> Thanosi >>> Thanosiwa! >>> Thanosikatta!

I laughed so hard at this x'DD
Thanosi/Thanosiwa/Thanosikatta are various Japanese slangs for 'Fun' lol. I think I read too many anime to be able to understand this :'))

The point is, the meme made me able to know about the villain's name before I even have time to watch it -and about his weapon too.

...But on another note, the movie reminds me of my deceased best friend. She really love Ironman, you see. Saying he's her husband and all that.

Anyways, with the hype & this mood going on, I decided to share my fanart of Tony Stark today.

It's a simple one, so I think it will be useful for those who wanted to start learning semi-realism bordering realism. As always, the .psd file will be available for my Tier 3 ($10) patrons in my Patreon.

Lastly, thanks for reading and I hope you had a better week than mine! x'D


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Aw, I'm sorry your week was bad. Hope you'll get better soon!

As for Infnity War, yeah, I've seen it. It was great, though the intro left me traumatized for the rest of the movie, to be honest. Then again, I didn't feel as devastated as with the Age of Ultron, so I guess that's that...

Thanks, Konoi x') well, we gotta move on whether we like it or not haha

I'm having mixed feeling about Infinity War lol, some of my friends said it was great, some not. But the surprising thing is the cinema is still packed now! I'm a lazy person so I think I'll wait for the DVD to come out to watch along with Rampage >< 

Well, I think Infinity War was great, but at the same time, part of me regrets having seen it now, since I REALLY need the next movie haha - the cliff hanger was too much. So waiting is not a bad idea


*Gasp* I also hate cliffhangers :S thank you for the warning! That settles it, I'm not going to watch it x'D