UPDATE 10/1/2022!

Morning, guys! What's up? 
Are you well? I hope so because I'm kinda in a pinch 😂 

You know that my PreWedding photoshoot is coming, right?
So my mother-in-law changed her mind about my dress again lol.
I had to go on a sudden shopping tour and since I'm too tired to argue, I let her choose the dress this time even though I think our sense of fashion is different. I mean, time is rather tight and then, when I thought all of our problems are solved, there are still shoes to re-consider and the hotel we've booked suddenly said they can't allow the photoshoot because they're having an event.

This is rather problematic because my fiance & mother-in-law doesn't like the other hotel options and if we had to re-schedule, I'm afraid our schedule will be a bit tight, because we still have another church appointment (Another pre-marital requirement. I'm not sure what they call it in English, but in Bahasa, we call it 'Penyelidikan Kanonik').

So yeah, lots of things are happening over here.
I'll update you later about the date of my PreWedding photoshoot because I think I'll need to take another week off to take care of it and the other miscellaneous ><

Sometimes, things irl will affect the progress of Bermuda, but rest assured, I'll always tell you in advance if anything happens ;)

The programming is still doing well though! 22 pages are programmed in! Maya is going to meet the antagonist really soon and while she's determined to finish her quest, she doesn't know what she's about to face x'D

I also did some minor polishing but nothing major~ everything is still on track!
Here's hoping you're ding well over there! Take care, don't skip your meals, and drink lots!
See you again next week!



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OMG YOURE GETTING MARRIIIEEEDDDDDDD I check on you here and there on Lemma Soft, ever since I played Nusantara, the first game. You even read and replied to me at times and here we are now! Gosh time truly flies. Congratulations!!!! I can't wait for your game to come!

Aww, thanks xdell!
I'm flattered to hear you following me on Lemmasoft! It's the place where everything started :'3
Thank you for your everlasting support and for being so patient with me <3



Wow, hold on! My marriage was also a hustle xD, so I truly feel for you.

Thanks, mif4n!
Yes, it's truly a hustle, feels like I'm getting chased x'D

Thanks for dropping by!