UPDATE 17/1/2022!

Hi guys! What's up?
How did your week go? Mine was a hustle 😂 

For once, I have bad news for you ><

Continuing from last week, after some family discussion, we finally decided on a villa to do the PreWedding photoshoot + 2 outdoor locations. We'll start the shoot tomorrow and I don't think I'll have time to work until the weekends :'D

So yup, here I am asking for another permission to take the week off m(_ _)m
I'm really sorry guys, I'll be preoccupied this week!

Another bad news is I wasn't able to do much progress last week due to this menace called Fake Nails. I originally have really short nails, shorter than any of my family members. Seeing this, my mother-in-law suggested to try manicure and fake nails so I gave it a try. Honestly? It looks good for the upcoming photoshoot but it's so hard to do anything while trying not to break them and keeping them clean at the same time 😂

I had no idea it would be so hard to type with long nails...
They keep getting caught between the keys, typos every few seconds, and I've been writing this update with the tip of my nails since morning and it's really uncomfortable :'D

- The frustration is real and I'm sorry, but I really struggled... I was only able to do 12 pages this week OTL
- I also made 2 new alternative sprites for the antagonist though--which is available for you to see on my Patreon with a #spoiler tag! It's been a while since I gave my patrons any exclusive sneak peeks :'3

Last but not least, I want to apologize again for the inconvenience m(_ _)m *bows
I'll definitely make it up to you later, but for now, I want to finish this PreWedding photoshoot ASAP :'D

See you again soon! I hope your week is better than mine but please take care and drink plenty of water!



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🤣👋. I also cannot stand long nails being a programmer and liking to make things with my hands. But one of my colleges used to type with a pencil to save her pretty nails. And she was saying it's comfortable.

By the way I really appreciate how you always take the time to gives us an update. To me, you are the example of how a game developer should be. <3 


Hi, mif4n!
Thanks for making me laugh! It's really amusing to hear about your friend typing with a pencil lol x'D but I can somewhat relate because it's really annoying to type with long nails!

And you're welcome! It's the least I can do because I'm slower than other developers and I want to reassure you that I'm still alive and the progress bar is still ticking x'D

Thanks for dropping by and if you're curious how my photoshoot went, stay tuned for the next update!


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It's okay, Chiel and thank you for the hard work. May the pre-wed events be smooth as they can be!

I like pretty long nails. I love nail polish and colors. I tried to keep my nails long back then because I wanted to imitate a certain animation character's nails (Jinx from Arcane if you know) and yes, keeping them clean was annoying. Playing action PC game was hard. I had to choose between games or nails. And I chose my games 🤣

I still keep my thumb nails long. The typo is annoying, but your fingers will adjust to typing that way. When you cut it, actually it will take time for your fingers to adjust back 🤣

But yeah, short nails ftw. Bye bye pretty long nails 😭👋


Hi, Chris!
Oooh, the photoshoot went pretty well despite the bumps and hiccups x'D
I have so many to tell but overall, I'm so glad it's over with! The freedom I felt after taking off the fake nails and washing my stiff hair because of hairspray is unmatched!

And yes, if you tell me to pick between games or pretty long nails, I'll also pick games in a heartbeat rofl. I'll keep them only for special occasions~

Anyways, glad to be back! I hope you're healthy and had a great week!


Have fun with wedding stuffies! be sure to have fun with it, and use your free time to recharge and relax. we won't die if you take time for stuffies. RL is important, and most especially when it regards family.

Hope your week is awesome!


That is so true! Thanks for being so understanding, Tathalia! *huugg
I'm both relieved and happy that the photoshoot is done with! Now I can continue focus on Bermuda's progress! >;D

You too, I hope you had a great week and stay in good health <3


lol awww the pain of beauty!

Hi, Captain Sayaka!
ROFL, Ikr?
The things we do for beauty x'D


No need to apologize, you're still making the game in the pandemic, AND dealing with wedding stuff. Take all the break you need, we'll still be here, waiting.


D'aww, thank you Seraiden! <3
Yes and I heard the pandemic numbers are rising again OuO; I'm sure glad the news reached me only after I finished the photoshoot. If we delayed it anymore, we might get into trouble!

As always, glad to see you here! I've returned and ready to continue the progress!



This is your wedding you're talking about! You will treasure these photos (and the memories you spent with your loved ones) for a lifetime, so pleeeaaaase, take all the time you need! :) Stay safe, healthy, and good luck with those nails! They sure are pretty, but they are a real pain to use a keyboard with. :T

Thank you, scriptomancer!
It's definitely once in a lifetime moment, I have so many things I want to tell you--so stay tuned! x'D
And yes! I can't seem to get comfortable with them so I took them off as soon as I returned lol. 

Glad to be back! \(^.^)/


No need to ask us for permission for a vacation! Feel free to focus on your wedding preparations~ You're doing a lot of work despite being busy. So don't worry about us~

Thank you so much, Shiawase!
Awww, your nickname makes me happy already >///<
Now that I've returned, I'll do my best to continue with the progress~


Don't worry about us, just worry about your wedding! I hope everything goes well, and stay safe!

Thank you, UndeadQueen!
Wow I didn't expect to see so many of you replying and giving me your blessings! QuQ